Bukowski dirty realist

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Bukowski drank most of my life. So: sometimes he would quit drinking and started to write, and sometimes he stopped writing and started to drink. The last was the guy more often, however, it may have helped him to become a real writer of dirty realism?

The reason for this behavior and Outlook on life, you can safely assume is uporotyh education. Henry, father of Henry Charles Bukowski (the so-called Charles at birth), was a man of very, very peculiar. Pretending to be a strict father, Henry was a very ordinary sadist who to the blood beat his wife and son. One folder came up with another mockery, forcing the son to mow the lawn so that each blade of grass was evenly mowed. If the father got at least one blade of grass that was out of the slim number, he beat his son hard with a belt. Well, it’s nothing on the folder Charles will write in their books so that everyone will know what a fool he was.

Moreover, the parents would put Henry in traditional German clothes, were not allowed to play with local children, and occasionally dressed in Indian costume which added to his popularity with the boys in the yard, dressed in cowboy clothes. The guy was an outcast, for which I sincerely loved my parents.

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The eternal stress and a constant beating of a young Bukowski has led to the emergence of a terrible festering boils all over the body, some of which were up in the sky and the internal cavity of the cheeks of the boy. The guy was ugly both externally and internally, you should tell your parents Charlie. Bukowski always wanted to escape from harsh reality, at first through books, which became his passion for life, and later — with the help of alcohol, which introduced him the only man. Of course, the alcohol abuse we do not endorse, friend, well, what else is left to do the unfortunate boy, whose reality is really worse than ever?

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Alcohol helped Bukowski not only fix the rotten reality. When the boy was 16, he came home with regular drinking, fell down and puked on the carpet. The father came to the rescue and grabbed Henry by the head and carefully and carefully dipped her son in a pool of vomit. Charlie pulled away and drove a good father in the face. More Henry the son was not beaten. But when the father found in the chest of the son of his first stories, it was with disgust threw them away, saying that this shit no one will ever read. That was the last straw, Charlie gathered his things and left home.

The first work of Bukowski as a writer though and printed, but a special response from the people. It made Charlie for ten long years to forget about a writing career. He changed many works, among which were the mailman, the clerk, avtozapravka, an employee of the slaughterhouse, the factory dog biscuits, factory lamps and an even greater number of occupations that Bukowski himself really something and can not remember. Along the way, Charlie drank a lot, fooled around with terrible women, one of them, 38-year-old alcoholic who, despite the age difference of nearly 10 years, gave the guy some love. By the way, Bukowski spoke about it as about the biggest love of his life, that does not prevent him from then having a women unlimited and two more times to get married.

The most fruitful work Charlie had a job with the post. At this time, the man not only began to write again, but also gives together with his second wife, alternative magazine, printed in newspaper column and nearly dies. Once, after active drinking, our hero goes to the hospital bleeding profusely from all the cracks. Literally, the man, the writer was told that the blood flowed out of his ass and mouth, and the doctors had to work hard to reclaim the drunkard-writer in our world. But then everything went like clockwork. Almost.

Perhaps the best novel writer rightly considered the novel «post office» about his life and times in the mail, routine, bureaucracy, and about which people there are. The novel was written for a measly three weeks, and dispersed across the planet at lightning speed. Translations into 15 languages further, fame and other buns — that’s what awaited writer. Readers and critics equally liked the humor and cynicism become Bukowski. Recommend to you, friend!

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The second major work of the writer was the novel «Factotum» about binge drinking Bukowski, change thousand and one profession and love creepy women. Gives a good haposkim enthusiasm, and other joys of life.

About women from Bukowski is a good novel «Women,» which all the feminists of the world unanimously decided secsystem. In this novel, as you have probably guessed, Charlie describes all of their love affair, slightly changing the names, of course.

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And your really not the brightest childhood Bukowski to write a novel «Bread with ham», which is quite a «Thriller». Bukowski himself tried to make it funny, but it did not work.

Horse racing and classical music became for Charles the next outlet in his very bright light. First, using the race Charlie was trying to make a living, but that he somehow does not succeed. But he didn’t abandon this destructive gambling habit and began to play solely for the sake of escapism and the desire to watch the faces of the people around. Charlie said that it gave him.

Bukowski was sick for almost 6 years. Constantly. At first he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and later diagnosed with leukemia. The immunity of Charles was destroyed by the Foundation. At the age of 73 years Bukowski died.

Many considered him to the beatniks and underground, but for us, this dude was a bro who just wrote that he likes: racing, booze, women and constant change of anything.

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