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Porada.kom.ua_4.04.2014_5V3clFvttuwC2Any physical activity requires stamina. Cycling, gym training, active games, swimming, aerobic exercises require stamina. The only problem is that in some awful moment, we realize that endurance us strongly enough. Strength of the arms missing, legs too, but all together it somehow does not fit, the breath fails, and you have to stay. Today we will tell you about the most famous (and not so) ways to increase your stamina.

Endurance allows people to engage with certain intensity for a long period of time (Hello marathoners!). There are a number of factors which together define the concept of «endurance,» and two of the most important of these is maximum oxygen consumption (also called V02 max) and anaerobic threshold. V02 max — the maximal amount of oxygen that a person consumes in a minute. Maximum oxygen consumption (V02 max or IPC) recorded at critical loads when on the graph of oxygen consumption from physical activity appears a smooth straight line is a «plateau». The measurement of this indicator is a rather unpleasant and painful process, because there is a shift from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism. This figure is considered to be most important for the definition of human endurance.

Anaerobic threshold — stress level at which lactate begins to accumulate in muscles and blood. At high loads, the cells become starved of oxygen we breathe, so the body tries to compensate for the lack of oxygen by glycolysis. A by-product of synthesis — lactic acid, which accumulates in the muscles. To increase the anaerobic threshold is especially recommended interval and strength training. Workouts with quality workout and delay perfectly excrete lactic acid. The systematic training of the body itself adapts to the active excretion of lactic acid.

Action plan

Use these tips to raise your endurance a notch.

1. Quality vacation

In order for your stamina to recover and not let you down at the crucial moment, a series of training and recovery. Recovery is as important to good physical shape as training itself. Overtraining leads to weakness, muscular dystrophy and reduced endurance.

2. Eat right

During exercise your muscles feed on glycogen. It is for this reason, you need to pay special attention to the quality of carbohydrates in your diet. After the glycogen is over, the body begins to burn fat. If you’re fat, this is important! People with a normal body fat recommended to consume 30-60 g carbohydrates per hour cardio session. Of course, slow. The mixture of protein and carbohydrates, as shown by recent studies, very good in quality nutrition for a cardio session. Universal ideal mix of proteins, fats and carbs does not exist — everyone has to find their perfect combination. A friend of mine, epic velostat, prefers to take a long trip mixes of nuts and berries. Some people drink a mixture of amino acids and carbohydrates for forty minutes before training.

3. Work hard

Many people think it’s complete nonsense, but in order to increase the endurance, it is necessary to plow up the point that in his eyes it was dark and could hardly breathe. Of course, beginners that is not recommended, and for advanced dudes this will be an indication that they work at maximum. The boundaries of your endurance will move apart with each session working on endurance.

4. Strength training

Weight training strengthens tendons, muscles and ligaments. They will help you to increase aptitude for any kind of training. Mix aerobic exercise with exercises for balance and strength (weights), exercises with free weights the type of weights, dumbbells and exercise with their weight. This will help you to improve stamina.

5. Turn the music up

Listening to any rhythmic music increases our endurance. Remember savages, jumping at the drums? They just opened a second wind! Proven that listening to rhythmic tunes distracting train of the complexities and partially blocks the impulses of brain that is sure that something is not right here.

6. Work on your weaknesses

Often dudes get hung up on one type of training. This is an extremely bad idea. Runners just do that run. Law enforcers despise cardio as a class. When people finally realized that exercise needs to be varied, they understood life!

7. Drink beet juice

I’m not kidding! The nitrates in beet juice help us to increase the endurance.

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