Bugs that prevent you to get a job

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_tOAjGT09MAWMWYou probably think that once I learn to be specialists, received a diploma, worthy of the best work. Maybe you have lots of talents and many of them concern the professional sphere. Congratulations! What a beautiful, smart and… unemployed. Why such good people repeatedly fail the interview? Why employers denied them the opportunity to prove yourself? It’s not about education and professional skills. It’s not even the economic crisis and investment climate. The problem lies in your doorsteps, which you probably do not even know.

1. Bad photo

You never interviewed, just think that the employer is not looking at the picture, which you apply to your resume. He does, and then ugorayu over your appearance shows all employees and minimizes your resume is almost not reading anything from it. Just do normal photos don’t need to play it with muscles, bare torso, taking pictures of themselves with a gun or a knife. Wear a normal suit or just regular clothes — take a picture of yourself from the front so that you can see the facial features of a serious man. Photography is a third case. If you don’t like the employer visually, then he will, most likely, will not take, so if you look like Frankenstein, it is better without a photo to do — so at least the interview will go.

2. «I’ve never worked on this post, but I believe that I will succeed!»

We are excited for you, only the employer is fearful of the beast — the experiment lasted for three thousand years. He just wants to make money, not to lose them, because people who have never worked in a profession that I want to, not need anyone. What to do? For example, you want to get a designer. Before throwing the application create yourself a portfolio with works that even eminent customers to write, who naturally have a budding designer there. Stupid worker does not understand that the portfolio is able to say, «Yes, I had a little experience — unable to read it». In this case, before you even ratio will be different.

3. Came in for an interview at a company that does not understand anything»

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_1cg7HojV3TfI8Know such. Such people must every day go to the interview, do not even understand what is the essence of the company. They just come for the job. For example, there is a vacancy «lawyer,» they are coming «lawyers», not even looking at the official website of the company. Doing so is not necessary. First, it is disrespectful to the employer. Second, the specifics of the company can differ dramatically from your professional abilities. Thirdly, you might be not at the office, which was the dream. But don’t worry, usually these people do not take the job, so feel free to continue the search. Only, this time, make sure you know where you’re going in for an interview.

4. Emotionally unstable: too often or very uninhibited

The first impression is the most important. Therefore, it is not enough just to dress properly. It is also important to behave appropriately: easy to talk, not to crawl on the chair, to create the image self-confident person. Very often, job applicants rejected for reasons of ease of conversation. If you’re too Intrusive, then you won’t like. If you create the conflict from scratch, it will not take you to a work team. If you play amoeba, which only does that nods to the beat to the head, then you will not make a good employee. The employer all of these things understands, and he wants to see a successful person with a holistic mental system.

5. Stories about the past

manygoodtips.com_12.09.2016_i5v7cdEzkFf8fPeople are fired — it was always and everywhere, especially in times of crisis (as we tired to remember them). And you could fire, throw it in the trash, you died in poverty, without any right to an excuse. If you were in that position, then take a break — you need to rethink your life and cleanse his person from the slop that they gave you at the previous place of work. Just get some rest. Why? The fact that the employer, like any other man, instinctively feels the desolation and decay in your mind — he doesn’t need depressing footage that will bring down the whole team, reducing its efficiency. If you’re not sure that you are fully recovered, it is better to wait and rest in the village with my grandmother or on the lap of a friend. When restored, then go to the interview, the likelihood that the work will take rest of a person rather tired, a few times higher.

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