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manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_ULGxQVed7qHf6Today we will tell you about the sore. This topic does not have to go up in any of the existing publications if it hadn’t been so bad. In General, we are depressed. Five years ago, we were still able to listen to it and refers to any nonsense with the energy of a cold-blooded Python, but now it is no longer funny. -How many times?

We are talking about mantras that respond to all possible questions. It’s cool when answering questions, right? But how cool that the answer is nonsense? So, we are already rather enrage the mistakes that are heard almost on every corner. Sometimes their distributors are quite a adult, kind of mentally balanced people. But let no one deceive you their appearance. Get into conversation with them on a controversial topic, for example, about foreign policy, vaccinations, fast food, mega-corporations and a healthy lifestyle. Trust me, you learn a lot about yourself and about the world.

In General, the farther it can not continue, so we have collected 8 of the most idiotic and eagerly absorbed of errors that can adversely affect your perception of the world and mental health.

1. Media is controlled by Jews

In General, journalists in a tough position, though this is understandable: the printed matter is bent, it becomes less free space for publication, because it is necessary to have with investors. Therefore, read the regional press, and it seems that some advertising brochure or the full paid. About the bias and say no. In General, it is clear that everyone survives as best he can, but where do the Jews? Why is the media not controlled by the Gypsies, for example, or natives of the Republic of the Congo? This is understandable: you don’t like the text, and who is to blame, except the Jews? Positive image of the United States – Jews a positive image of Eurovision – Jews a positive image of fighters against ISIS – Jews, of course.

2. DULLES Plan

When I hear the phrase «DULLES Plan», I want to shove a gag in his mouth the one who says it. No, dude, it’s not funny! There is no plan DULLES, all the usual hoax, which actually invented by the writer A. S. Ivanov as a fiction within the novel «the Eternal call», 1981 edition. Nobody wanted morally corrupt so-called «Soviet people». Yes, there was the cold war, but what is described in the work of Ivanov, reality has nothing to do. Or we start to argue the passages from «Lord of the Rings» to explain negative aspects of our society?

By the way, surprise: the United States and Britain were also popular conspiracy theories, only the main character was, of course, the Soviet Union. Here is an excerpt from the brochure «Brainwashing. The presentation of the Russian manual on psychopolitics», which is attributed to the Russian security services, but actually published by the Church of Scientology Ron Hubbard:

Making available all kinds of drugs, giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, stuffing his sex literature, (…) psychopolitics can cultivate it we need a tendency towards disorder, idleness and useless pastime and encourage him to choose a solution that will give him complete freedom – that is Communism. (…) If you can kill the national pride and patriotism in the younger generation, you will conquer this country.Funny, isn’t it?

3. The end of the world

Here is a long story. A worldwide computer virus, the rise of the machines, a relatively recent Mayan calendar, time travel, natural disasters that overwhelm the entire planet… from time to Time we laugh at all this crap and people who believe in it. However, as soon as the time is approaching «X», a lot of people breaking into grocery, hysterically, purchasing food for the next six months. So, they themselves have seen with my own eyes. Overall, not worth the extra time to do the happy owners of grocery stores – it’s idiotic. Every ten years new end of the world. If you want to discard the skates, you can do it quietly and without hysteria, and that really tired already.

4. World government

As without it? Thus, all financial flows, all government, all the opposition and even your soda in your refrigerator is controlled by a small group of people. Call them what you like: the Freemasons, the knights Templar, telenity, the Jews, again, a secret meeting, country club of fans of fishing – the essence remains the same. They control everything and distribute all imaginable riches in its sole discretion. Such cases. How terrible to live! But seriously, please release us from this.

5. The food is poisoned

Yes, there are weirdos who believe that in the supermarkets the food is poisoned specifically, for example, so you don’t have children and, as a consequence, the demographics of the country fell. But you decided to make, there is such a thing as a GOST. Yes, trust it – a thankless task, but no company would work with some left-wing goods, which could destroy the profit. Meanwhile, a lot of people etched products grown grandmothers», which is not surprising: unsanitary conditions, lack of inspections of sanitary and epidemiological station… Man, I think I’d rather take a rubber Burger from McDonald’s than a pie with potatoes smeared with the fat of the hands of the pensioner on a motorway. Just food, it is generally this: if you want to eat right, be willing to pay a lot of money. The rest of the damage is from everything, but in supermarkets you can at least assess the damage.

6. Vaccination threat

Lord, we have touched on this topic. But it is still relevant. If you don’t want to understand the issue, then just know this: the vaccines are necessary, you don’t want to ruin your rug rat?

7. Living water

Many have seen the series about «living» water. These were marketed as popular science, and people in white coats with a straight face told me that the water feels, speaks, hears and sees, and also likes classical music, but pop music is not very much. But dude, if you don’t see life the same way as we if you understand the personality and mind as well as we are in the water you will not find anything alive. Yes, it has its own specific properties, which, however, only a populist can be described as properties of a living organism. First you think the water talking to you, and then begin to charge the water with his magical skill.

8. Your conversations tapped, your message browsing

And look out the window, see that black van? I warned you. Everywhere listening, and your tweets read by the security services. Everyone is interested in what you post in instagram or texting your friend when you’re drunk. But seriously, imagine what technology should be for the government to handle such a huge amount of information? Is there such technology is in doubt, looking at how to attract people to criminal and administrative liability for extremism, for example. So we got nothing to worry about, as the work of intelligence agencies in this direction, it seems, is based on an ordinary browsing.

9. The large hadron Collider would destroy the planet

Scientists at CERN, of course, in a sense, professors are evil, because their main purpose is the answer to the mystery of the Universe, which clearly adopt the position of atheism in society. However, technically they can’t create a black hole of such magnitude that it could destroy our planet.

10. We all hate

And we all fear. Dude, that’s from experience. No, ordinary citizens of other countries being afraid of Russia, and certainly don’t hate her. Moreover, Russian culture is appreciated in the West far more than we have in the country. Russian literature is taught in schools and universities, they reckoned a successful person, ballet and music is a different story, but the art of painting appeals to many. Generally very strange situation: we have formed an opinion about what people think about us foreigners, but these foreigners never asked, and all that we can imagine, lies somewhere in the field of demagoguery and populism. You will be very surprised if I contact, say, with the average Brit on Skype and ask him what he thinks about Russia and its people.

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