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Wisdom says that spending money wisely is nice, but spending money is crazy — insanely nice. Anyway, in Russia already that year, people live in «hardmode»: reduce wages, reduce States, and the ruble is something quite sour. Not so long ago the country held a poll on «do you pay their expenses.» The result was interesting: the majority of emphatically replied that he did not consider their costs as well and make no money. Not the best solution from the point of view of logic.Think of an example of a movie Mark Watney, the astronaut stranded on Mars with a small supply of food. If I were of the same opinion as most Russians, would have died of hunger after a couple of months. But no, he calculated the amount of available food and due to this lived on an alien planet for a few years. It is very appropriate to remember the bearded anecdote about a millionaire who is revealing his secret, confessed that comes to the stores with their bags. To save on really easy, but in the modern world with its ocean services and applications is generally easy. So you are not sitting in the evenings on the receipts and checks for an hour, we found you a few useful «helper».

1. Haniman

Even if you don’t have a big family, and you don’t have to keep the books of your small business, this thing will greatly ease your lonely and independent life. To spend blood each of us have every day/week/month on groceries, travel, utilities services, on entertainment, on clothes. This program takes into account everything. For example, there is incredibly useful feature — the division into real money (for accounting) and virtual (for planning). The second provides the means postponed for planned and unplanned expenses, and the year ahead.

This service is very convenient to raise money for major expenses that you want to do in the future. And all the information is built in the most «casual» that is a simple format, clear graphics without the clutter of meaningless numbers that can be built on any time period. With such a system couldn’t be simpler to avoid living in debt, but only if you don’t like to live large and take the time to fill the need of indicators in the Annex to five minutes of personal time, not more.

The whole calculation is carried out online, so we have a question on data protection. So in the household Haniman applied technology level of the online banks encrypt, backup and other activities.Besides the data of your Bank card when you pay does not reach the server, and immediately sent to the payment processor. The service is not interested in your personal data and so cannot link the data in the system and real human hackers will not be able to know what kind of car do you collect and how much did you spend last month. Seems to be the best assistant for recording costs.

2. Cash Organizer

The scope of this service is clearly bigger because it is focused in General, not on individual citizens and companies at very different levels. In principle, the basis is the same: you give the service needs accounting for settlements and then get a clear answer. But there is a fundamental difference because the Cash Organizer is designed to work with a huge bunch of users who can contribute data independently from each other. And no matter how many people at your disposal working with this app — all the data are traditionally on cloud servers, so for the extra load.don’t worry.Since the orientation of the service is strictly for the wind staff and sophisticated accounting information all financial transactions for simplicity can be grouped and classified according to keywords, that is tags. All transactions, business and personal travel can be easily controlled by creating separate projects and subprojects, and advanced settings and a variety of filters will allow you to consider every detail. All this is fast, fully customizable for each individual user or group, so no chaos and confusion!

The main but invisible favor of the service reminder, without which it is very easy to forget about important payments. And here they can be programmed for repetitions, so as not to suffer each time. Another feature that allows you to enter data manually, connecting to banks, debit cards and electronic purses, that will recognize all the costs and take this into account, determining the category of the operation. A permanent control of currency will allow you to consider your status in relation to courses in different countries.

And of course, the main beauty lies in the fact that the conduct database of different devices and locations. The application successfully runs on iOS, Android, Chromium, as well as Windows and Mac. As for security: all data is decrypted on the client side and encrypted going from the client to the server. Therefore, even if the secret services or hackers will get access to the database, they cannot decrypt them. So it is better here password to remember.

3. Cubux

The management of the budget through this service reminds of the casual computer game. Before you cute colorful cottage, where almost all of the «stratosphere» life: from food and clothing to animals and travel. There are even «bad habits» and «children», which, however, could be combined. Joke.

You can add your categories and even subcategories. Although the service is quite simple, a single click causes the whole system of charts, tables and other indicators of income/expenses. Honestly say that for a start will have to carefully explore all possibilities, because there are a lot. Absolutely every detail that contributes to the financials presented here and the first ten minutes-twenty from this the head is spinning.

Convenient joint account — one of the key features of this service. You can keep the books for all family members and receive detailed schedules for the income and expenses of each.Fortunately, to understand the system is not difficult, the more so that no accumulation of information is not here — everything placed on the shelves. The recording, instantly moving around different accounts-accounts that are available even to the person far from financial transactions. In addition to the income/expense it is possible to conduct transactions, set goals (and even publish them in social networks), and analysis the profit forecast.

Bonus is syncing with «Yandex Wallet» — it allows to enter the data yourself (subject to the availability of the account in «Yandex») as Cubux will see the changes and incorporate them into their calculations. The creators promise that other banks will soon become available. The service is currently only available in the PC version, but will be soon, and mobile — an excellent opportunity to visualize their family accounts.

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