Brutal Motocross and even more brutal freestyle


Which is more deadly sight can be found but using the most lethal means of transport – motorcycle? Hair of the biker rarely live to gray hairs, and you would think, and what to shorten even more the time of your life and come up with this hell called motocross?

Motocross is a very fun sport that has taken root in our country, and show with motorcycles are periodically conducted in all the major cities. The country also organize competitions of the championship, but most of their entertainment tends to zero, as the tracks that inspired our people with their danger, we simply do not.

The essence of race is as follows: you are given a closed track with obstacles in the form of lifts, water, ditches, sand, stones and artificial obstacles in the form of bridges, ramps. Not every motorcycle can take part in races, there are certain technical standards that make you take a special bike.

Classic motorcycle for motocross is not registered in the traffic police authorities, it does not need a driver’s license, you cannot drive in public roads, this bike is no more dangerous than sports equipment.

For the first time something like this motorcycle race held on a military parade ground near London in 1908. In these races, called «race for the Fox», was attended by 13 of the 16 motorcyclists and horse riders. The goal was simple – to prove that motorcycles are much more effective than the horse. But in the end only two riders finished the race, and was won by the rider.

Special popularity the sport enjoyed after the First and Second world wars. Some races have included a huge number of motorcycles. But then again, the whole thing slowed down and eventually came to the point of popularity, which we can observe now. However, it is not surprising. Shooting on rough terrain are hard, dusty special events are not organized, and the audience that came for the race, just look for how the participants cross the finish line.


Pora was.yak.ua_26.06.2015_i6T17vFtpGgcUEventually observe how a bunch of men chase each other through the mud, and then falling, got bored. And people want bread and circuses. So soon there is such a sport like freestyle, you might say, the heir motocross. There are other offshoots such as Supercross, supermoto and arenacross, but in our opinion, it is freestyle, you can watch and holding our breaths.

Our favorite X-games: first, who decided to publicly pursue this madness. It happened in 1998 at the annual competition of extreme sports » X games in San Diego. What can I say? That’s hilarious! Really have no idea what amount of adrenaline in contact athletes, and how it all works.

Athletes do a hell of just jumping on their bikes, and when confronted with the ground and don’t break anything yourself. The beginnings of the various creatures were just on the standard motocross. To please the audience or to warm up, some riders loved jumping on different trampolines. But only in 1998 was presented freestyle in its beauty.

If you have not seen jumping Travis Pastrana, you couldn’t see shit in this life. He is considered one of the founders of freestyle motocross and one of the most titled participants of motocross, rally and Supercross. He was already 31 years old, and he climbs down from the pedestal. December 31, 2009 Pastrana made the jump with a length of 82 meters from the pier, pine Avenue in long beach on a floating barge. Also known his double backflip the competition X-GAMES summer in 2006. He was the first person who did it. In General, it is necessary just to watch.

FMX is a young sport, very much so. And the reason of its popularity – that’s entertainment. However, this is still a sport with its own rules and challenges. It’s not just a show where the picture – the main thing: to stay alive, you have to go through very hard training and understand what you’re doing. In General, it’s definitely not for wimps. Good luck to the development of freestyle in our country, and be careful on the roads!

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