Brutal, masculine, attractive man with a good sense of humor



Hi, revision Reading You for two years with great interest, because, unlike the currently popular «glossy» competitors (not only from the point of view of media), Your articles are written with the soul. Your answers to the questions are really catchy, for which I thank You. I decided to dare, to try to get an answer to your question is a little strange.

Before the formulation of the question will tell you a little about my life that was at least some initial data, and the answer did not have to suck from a finger.

Man, 23 years old. Two higher (one of the diplomas – red, technical), candidate master of sports (which tied), self-employed in the major field, living with parents, as long as the s/n does not allow to move out, the girl never was.

Since childhood been shy. But was never lazy. Parents always raised me as «correct, exemplary boy, but now I’m starting to notice that this scheme in the 21st century doesn’t work! In the third year of the Institute, realizing his loneliness, I went in search of himself in a rocking chair, and in a second degree. In the process of self-development «honestly» I’m stuck on myself, ego gave me strength, but it was difficult. The output from this adventure really got the results that self-esteem went up. But one of the results side, is that I found my confidence in excessive self-discipline, seriousness, rigor and courage (which some girls even attracted to). However, the sense of humor and openness to people is zero, which only increased communication problems. At work the team does not fit, as it is difficult to find a common language with a whole Department cheerful, always joking nihilists against the background of the dam work (easy to guess who works most of all). Lunch. Planning to seriously engage in melee combat.

So here is the question. If my confidence is in «serious approach» (Ala the tediousness), it is possible to cultivate a sense of humor, the ability to flirt with girls, the ability to talk about anything, «trivalosti» in General? Does this make sense? These things feel like a complete zero. It is necessary to «harden» next?

I really hope that I could convey to You the essence of the question.

With best wishes.


Interesting, delicate question. Wow, I never even thought of. Oh yeah, I forgot. Hi! Thank you for being with us, if you will not last 5 years, it would be cool. Don’t know, maybe even gift some will send, what kind of fool is planning something in this country for 5 years?

As for your question, the answer is simple: of course. If you feel flawed, then you need to bring these qualities to perfection. Not flawed to perfection, and to clean all shortcomings. With us you can disagree, we can argue, but do not forget that this is our territory, and we’re in charge.

Now seriously. In any case, don’t lose your typed hard work benefits. This is a very important and necessary qualities which are lacking in modern life. Honestly, I read and envy, trying to remember where my seriousness. Then in the 6th grade of school, under the five-volume edition of Ilf and Petrov. Your qualities need to add a little flexibility and healthy adequate perception of reality, and then you’ll be probably the most adapted to life and perfect Homo sapiens on Earth. Do not turn into anal clown, over which all laugh, do not roll into Petrosani and mediocrity. Find a Golden mean that will not block other qualities. After all, not everything has to be a joke: if you focus on the jokes and stories about passive gays, your courage will be put under question.

The process of increasing of humor and communication skills slightly different from building muscle. Only instead of simulators used books, movies and other quality content. Well, not to have to pump the Delta, and izvilinka. We wrote a lot about how to do it. You have to arm yourself with knowledge and begin to act. Otherwise, it will die in a serious way, which does not stick women, but more boring and reliable walks under the moon they never came. Too serious people think evil and stupid, even if they are seven spans in a forehead and boast a Professor’s degree, and you’re not worth being equated to cattle from episodes of «COP war».

With position forever joking nihilists (I have half of edition) I can say that with such a stern, men want to chat only when you get medics troubled areas – Gopnik. At other times I want to choose another company, even though your mind and education. Excessive rationality and correctness repels. Well, what can I talk to a very correct citizen? About the rules of the road? About the course social studies for grade 8? There is always an educated man, but easy to talk to. In the end, we always, except for rare exceptions such as the lack of moods and philosophical thoughts, drawn to the easy, sociable and cheerful people.

Judging by your writing style and you have two higher educations, brains you work fine, you just need to guide them in the right direction. Time too. What is 23? Nothing! In Tolkien’s world even the hobbits in that age were considered minors. However, they lived much longer. The main thing do not overdo it, otherwise you can slip and be a critic on YouTube is useless and incomprehensible bile origanum average ability.

Ask your question wording

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