Brush for drawing on touchscreens Sensu Brush and Sensu Solo

Brush for drawing on touchscreens Sensu Brush and Sensu Solo

It’s amazing how quickly the world is changing. Not so long ago, by planetary standards, people painted animals and hunting with ochre, sitting in dark caves, enjoying the cold and hunger. Then used different tools, but as a rule, serve as the artist’s own hands. But then came the brush itself, whereby we can see paintings of the great masters. Brush – a very important element for any person engaged in the visual arts. In fact, it is the sequel to the hand of the Creator, not just a tool. And, of course, the creation of a quality brush was involved in a huge number of people for many, many years.

Today we are in a completely different era, where life moves more and more science and information technology. We see that even the most familiar things are just on two totally opposite sides of the virtual and the real. Designers have long joined this, but artists are tightened. Digital art involves the use of the tablet as the main source of inspiration. However draw with a stylus is quite problematic. But the solution was found.

Evolution brushes

Platforms like Kickstarter help people make the most insane fantasies, doomed to success and support. One such fantasy was the product of a startup Sensu. Dudes has created a brush that is designed for touch screens, and then launched its own production thanks to the support from all over the world. Speaking the words of Elon musk, the guys have done a useful product, which has achieved success due to his usefulness.»

Brush received the name of the Sensu Brush. It appeared with the help of the Sensu Inc. (in the past Artist Hardware), whose main lair is located in the city Skoki, Illinois. But despite the overseas origin, to buy their product in Russia.

What good is a Sensu

For someone created the Sensu Brush? First and foremost, for artists working in digital art. In this respect, they have a huge number of possibilities, because the brush is compatible with most popular image editors and programs like Art Rage, Paper, Procreate, Sketch Time, etc Accessory do not have analogues on the market. Besides, along with artists, Sensu Brush will be indispensable for lovers of photography. And it’s not level and the abilities of the photographer, and that Sensu copes with the processing of photos. Well, for children, where without them. It is impossible to develop a child who is not developing his creativity and easy-to-use brush can help in this difficult matter. Believe that the price of 3 490 rubles adequately fit into any budget.

If we talk about the technical side, it looks like the following. Sensu Brush consists of a brush and a stylus. Chromium-plated, handle made of rubber that gives excellent grip. The very bristles of the brush is made of a special fiber, which have excellent conductivity. Good news: the brush does not need to be recharged, it has no batteries – it’s just a brush, and it’s also very convenient. The trouble with it occurs. Yes and it works with a wide range of devices (Apple, Galaxy Tab, Samsung Tablet, etc.)

Younger model: brush Sensu Solo

If you stylus is not necessary, the company Sensu provides the opportunity to purchase «little brother» of the main product. The name of this younger brother – «Sensu Solo». More colorful design (red, purple, bright green, etc) and the price is much lower (2290 rubles). In fact, the Sensu Solo cost not exceeding the cost of a good traditional artistic brushes, and it looks like this: the handle leads to memories of art schools, but not created from wood and high-tech aircraft aluminum that gives a great balance. The best combination: the tradition of high art and innovation of modern science.

In General, if you have a tablet and a desire to learn the cool draw, and can continue his career or simply gain the ability to easily and quickly edit the photo, then like a miracle brush for you. In addition, we give you a discount code 5%: just input 5%OFF when you order, and you will have happiness. Even before the New year will have time (if you in Moscow), with delivery no problems.

In General, I am glad that such innovative things come into our lives and occupy its place in the market.


Now pull together what we talked about, dude. All for your convenience!

Work Sensu Brush and Sensu Solo specifically on your tablet? So work, because the creators not fools and made product that is perfect for most modern tablets, smartphones and netbooks with touch screens.

You need to charge your brush? No, you do not need. They just work without any batteries and chargers.

Cost? Sensu Brush can be bought for 3490 rubles, the Sensu Solo is cheaper – just 2290 rubles. But you can save 5% of the value: to do this, use code 5%OFF at purchase.

Well, each concerned with the question of delivery, because the nose new year’s holidays. In this respect we treat you. If you live in Moscow, the parcel will come before the holiday, do not even worry, but if in the region, it will have to wait.

And finally, where can we purchase these gorgeous brushes? Answer: Sensu Brush and Sensu Solo buy in the store.

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