Brunette with a gorgeous body Emma Glover

You’ve been waiting for this day! And not just because that ahead of you waiting for not quite a cold weekend. We arrived to brighten the end of your working week. And as always, will introduce you another sexy and unique girl. Today it is Emma Glover. She’s one of those hot models that you dream of waking up in the morning. Sexy, in a measure perverted, and big Tits.

Emma, like many other girls, dreamed of becoming a model since childhood, what he repeatedly says in interviews. Her career in modeling began at once. One day she, as always, sat in one of the boring offices in London, doing more boring work and at lunchtime decided to send a couple of their photo in an advertising Agency, and in some hours has become a real model.

Tweeted Emma writes: «I am a model. I spend a lot of time in their underwear with other girls in lingerie. I love my life». In addition to her life Emma loves her Breasts. She says her «Boobs are surprisingly symmetrical and the nipples all the men go crazy». We certainly won’t argue. Conversely, I advise you to verify the veracity of this statement.

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