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manygoodtips.com_2.07.2015_KsGcpqMXJ7bTVAnd yet how much he had aged! Now in his films he looks very important and calm, gone the usual fervor. Well, what do you want, 60 years, no joke. Although it is eternal, became crown half-smile on the poster of any movie is a guarantee that the film will pay off. Because it’s Bruce Willis – and that’s it.

The Lord is snow around, buds on the trees, the birth of a child. That’s what my Lord.

Getting started


How could anyone assume that this terrible stutters guy ever become a movie star? So, in his childhood he had a similar problem. There was another – a chronic lack of money of the family, causing the young Bruce had to know the taste of real life in 11 years. This hardened and still complete inability to answer their oppressors words (all because of stuttering) made of Willis, with whom mother forbids intimacy. And would Bruce the usual reznikom, if not for the magic power of art.

In the 8th grade, he accidentally fell on a school play. He wasn’t attracted to the play, acting, the smell of wings – nothing out of the usual attributes that well-known filmmakers using call reason they got into art. Bruce just stopped stuttering. A miracle! But when he left the scene, the curse came back. Prophylactically Bruce studied art until the end of school. But waking up with a hard hangover after prom, old man Bruce, contrary to expectations, did not go to storm Hollywood, to join the acting school and try acting in a commercial. He chose a much more intelligent craft bodyguard, then worked as a driver at the paint factory «DuPont», and when is he tired, became a private detective! However, he soon ceased to play Sherlock Holmes and zatoskoval on stage and screams artistic Director, in 22 years did the same in the Montclair University to learn from the actor… in three years, considering that he knows enough, Bruce Willis dropped out and rushed to new York becomes a superstar.

But here it was waited by the first disappointment: «die hard» turned out to be completely uninteresting industry. Then Willis took the honorary position of waiter in a restaurant Kamikaze Club. Not to give abyss his artistry, Bruce decided to move away from the image of an obedient errand boy. He began to shock, walked on feet of customers, mixed up orders, rude fun right and left, and once accidentally dumped on his head the visitor a tray full of plates with hot soup. Any other vyper would work on the same day with pizdyuley, but Willis was so charming that he was transferred to the bartenders.

In my childhood I stuttered. I thought that I am disabled. Drama the drama club, which I joined, helped me to overcome this disease. However, there are people in society that I still stutter.In this position, Bruce has flourished in all its glory. As cannon began showering the audience with their charm. People went to this place just to talk with the charming bartender, who is very fun jokes. Perhaps he was more popular as a bartender than actor. Perhaps he would become the best bartender in the world, but at the Kamikaze Club, happened, came in La bohème, and one day fell under the spell of Willis is a specialist in the casting, and is invited to appear in advertising jeans. Gradually the business moved from a dead point — Bruce has appeared here and there in small roles, became his Board on auditions and began to think seriously about the big roles. Only here’s the problem: you already under tridtsatnik, and you’re still not a star. And deciding to take a risk on that, Willis travels to Los Angeles, where shines the bright rays Hollywood. He was lucky, he thought. And he was lucky.



The story of how the magic upstart defeated 300 competitors, who have the experience was not advertising his pants, and quite a decent role, and became the hero of the delightful TV series «Detective Agency «Moonlight», has become a legend. Where truth and fiction – to understand as difficult as dismantling, smiling Bruce Lee, or he’s just doing facial expressions. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Willis was chosen for the lead role in the most expensive television series of the mid-eighties. And time showed that not in vain. Stagnant over the years, the talents poured on the audience, pouring him fit acting. He was charismatic, plastic, meaningless and attractive. Largely because of this «DALS» is quite watchable, even in our rich on expensive projects. Very emotional project. A former bartender immediately became the idol of a millionaire. To celebrate, of course, he almost drank himself to death. The benefit of good time Hollywood uncle rushed to search the character for the main character of his new paintings. And noticed that the guy who played David Edison in the TV series that everyone is talking about.

Cybill shepherd and Bruce Willis star in moonlighting.

And began the phase of «die hard». John McClane wearing a white shirt in the Pantheon, bare-chested Rambo and worn next to the body armor, Commando. Willis coped with the task brilliantly, and now it is difficult to imagine that somebody else climbed through the vents, running around barefoot on the glass, provoking blacks in a black neighborhood, destroying the terrorists on an industrial scale and shouted her signature: «Yipee-yi-yea… mother-fucker». And in all four parts, you can observe how old Bruce is getting bald. But this is minor. By the way, Willis expects that John McClane in the final film of the Saga will die on the screen to save the children. Is necessary to us? It is not necessary. Predict, in this case, a large number of posts with hashtag «GENIVI».

I worked in all genres: in low-budget dramas, action films, comedies and even sci-Fi movie. I must say, fighters generate the most revenue.Maclean was rustic, attractive and was far more humane than the other rescuers of the world performed by Stallone, Schwarzenegger and van Damme. Bruce is Bruce. Although he said that for him, as for the actor, examples are: Gary Cooper, Steve McQueen, Robert De Niro and John Wayne. Apparently, looking at them, he developed those stamps that are unique to Willis. Here and a steely gaze, and gives me a half smile. However, all of this at the time, demanded to give Terry Gilliam when he made «12 monkeys». The legendary Monty Python even made a list of those unwanted of raisins. «I want to work with me and do as I say!» Perhaps it helped Bruce to open up as an actor.

So, most of the roles Willis – it’s brutal guys of the militants. But there were cute Comedy like «meet the blind». And most of the fighters can be called a black Comedy – from the failed «Hudson hawk» to «pulp fiction». By the way, in the latest Willis wanted to play ironic by Vincent VEGA. But even after, refused the role Michael Madsen, Tarantino was invited Travolta. But Willis played a textbook boxer Butch saves Wallace from Marcelas anal punishment. Interestingly, Willis felt when his hero had to kill VEGA, whom he had so wanted to play?

And «the 5th element»? Even this fiction Thriller with a fair amount of fun. What you say about it? Well, a masterpiece, even after the hundredth viewing seems so. So, it consists of cliches, but to whom they interfere? Bother you? Me neither. And let it show more often than «Ironically» boring stamp «Cult classic» film got an ulterior motive.

His characters are deeply unhappy guys. If you look closely, deep in his piercing glance, Bruce read the phrase: «I’m here by accident.» His characters never want to get involved. Problems themselves implicate her in a burning skyscraper, and in a meeting with distant civilizations. Even in «Red» he was not looking for trouble, they found him. By the way, great pensioner’s film, in the style of Willis: a fun and noisy saving the world.

BEVERLY HILLS, UNITED STATES:  Movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger (L), Bruce Willis (2nd L), Demi Moore (2nd R) and Sylvester Stallone pose for photographers after a 17 September press conference prior to the grand opening of Planet Hollywood in Beverly Hills.  The four celebrities are all shareholders in the chain of resturaunts located around the world.           AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images)

And hell, even in a simple erotic Thriller «Color of Night» it all happened by coincidence. His hero of all this is not necessary. Yes, and this movie is not needed. In addition to sex scenes, to look at. Although there are scenes that the word «erotic» seems somewhat inappropriate. And yet, if you look closely, you can see treacherously sticking the Assembly of stars.

It is no coincidence except that it was in «Armageddon». But there is a noble purpose – to save the world. How not to save the world for the sake of the daughters of His Majesty Steve «Frog Mouth» Tyler and even the music of Aerosmith?

Bruce had a great career, what can I say. But perhaps the main success for him as an artist, there is a shooting in sin City. It could not fail to call because he was made for film Noir: silent, tired, tragic, drinks and tired to breathe the putrid air of this city. That’s probably why everything happened so organically. And indeed all organic, in addition to advertising the Bank «Trust», where he had the temerity to removed.

In my career came finally to the point where I don’t have to portray the guy who saves the world. Bored to death running in front of the camera, gun in hand.

In life


And what Bruce in your life? We know a little bit. But he’s not the psychopath was presented in a rather gloomy picture of the «Once in Hollywood» where he played himself, refuses to shave his beard. Bruce – sincere smiley who hates the gym, loves to drink, but understands that it is necessary to be in shape. About my personal life you know even less. Only on a long-term marriage with the woman the whole world saw just bare and naked in her eighth month of pregnancy, and that the world knows she’s a cow. Demmi Moore is a very bad actress, not because he was the initiator of the break, as it seemed, a model eleven years of marriage, and because… because he see her movies. By the way, they broke up very peacefully and still maintain a good relationship. But otherwise, they are riveted together three very beautiful children. Well the truth is, quite unsympathetic daughter and like her father. It would be better mother. By the way, with their former stepfather Ashton Kutcher he is also in a great relationship. Knowing that this young man will live in the same house with his ex and kids, he dragged him to the bar, where, after a mental conversation they fraternized and started the very next day to throw compliments to each other from the pages of printed publications.

Of course, this male, as Bruce, could not long remain in solitude and married a nice model Emma Heming, who gave him two daughters. Total he has 5 daughters. The horror! Perhaps Bruce is also very concerned about, and so he gave them absolutely stupid names: Rumer, Scout Larue and Talulla Belle.

I am much more proud I’m a father than the fact that I’m an actor.

By the way, if you didn’t know, Bruce is the voice of an angel and a ride skill of playing the harmonica. And you thought! At Ulysses for the past 30 years has his own band where he performs as a soloist. The group is called «Bruce Willis and the Accelerates». Apparently, it turns out he’s very good, because the guy was playing the harmonica such musical giants as BB King and Billy Preston.

The nickname of the Actor, Bruno, and for good reason: at some point came up with his alter ego, a Blues singer Bruno Radolini. In 1987 he released the album «Return of Bruno», which became the basis for the eponymous Comedy movie. Hero Bruce Bruno has created all genres of music from classic rock to hip-hop, collected the Beatles, played at Woodstock, appeared in the first psychedelic clip, I got high on cocaine before the performance. In the film about his career told in an interview with the stars: Elton John, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Michael J. Fox, John Bonjovi. The film is recommended for viewing.

And Bruce was the first actor who played» in a video game: let the computer to copy itself, the appearance of the hero, and voiced it. It was in 1998, the game was called «Apocalypse» and went for the Playstation. Since then Hollywood actors involved in the creation of video games (usually based on movies) has become the norm.

Life is not a movie. Duplicates will not.Well, as the proverb says, if a person is talented, then he is talented in everything. In 2010, Willis has released toilet water Bruce Willis for men. In 2012 came the fragrance for women Lovingly, 2014 – another perfume Bruce Willis Personal Edition, designed for both men and women. On Letterman, Willis announced that he this perfume does not use, and in the eyes of the public used it as a freshener for the mouth. That’s the irony. The main thing is to understand what you did rubbish, than someone will shove this stuff under your nose.

And the most interesting: Bruce speaks perfect German, since his mother is German. Moreover, he was born in Germany. So, the story of his family quite monotonous for the 40-50’s. father was in the military, so he has such a reverent attitude to the American army.

Bruce and policy

Political beliefs Willis was a Republican (which is unusual for a Hollywood film party – there actually is dominated by Democrats). Although now he calls himself an apolitical person, considering the government scrimping and pouty turkeys.

Willis is an ardent supporter of the legal sale of weapons. He said:

The right to bear arms. If you take it away from people who acquired it in accordance with the law, it turns out that guns remain only in the bad guys.It is believed that creative people better not to go into politics. Agree with this after calling Bruce to invade Colombia to end the export of cocaine. Colombians and Charlie sheen little disappointed in the idol.

Willis is no stranger to military aggression. In 2002, he bought a 12,000 boxes of cookies and sent them to the American soldiers of the units stationed in the middle East. But in 2003, Willis went to Iraq to perform for the American military. He had been considering to join the army and fight in Iraq, but has not allowed age. Two years later, Bruce said he wants to make «provorny film in which American soldiers are shown as courageous fighters for freedom and democracy.» And then announced that it would pay $ 1 million for each civil person that will help in the capture of leaders of «al-Qaeda» Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and Musab al-Zarqawi. But the American soldiers who killed Osama, got nothing. Perhaps, Bruce meant that you need to destroy all at once.



Willis belongs to the cohort of actors who were never nominated for an Oscar. The prestigious award was received for work on television, «Emmy» and «Golden globe» for the «Detective Agency «Moonlight» and another Emmy for a guest appearance in the sitcom «Friends». But it succeeds as much as 4 times nominated for a negative award «Golden raspberry» and twice managed to get it: in 1992 – as the worst writer, he was a co – writer of «Hudson hawk» (so, the film is absolutely stupid, but it does not deprive him of charm; cool whimsical Comedy, as if it is not abused criticism), and in 1999 – as the worst actor (for three films: «Armageddon,» «mercury rising» and «the Siege»). Not impressed Krotkov heroic procession with Ben Atlcom. However, then the founders of the «Raspberry» still imbued with the greatness of Willis and forever behind him.

And the most important reward is the audience’s recognition. It is loved around the world he is trying to give people positive emotions from your game. Until it’s all done. In this and next year will see 6 fighters with Bruce in the lead role. This too will be envied by many young actors. And Bruce just happy. The years had aged his appearance, but not mentally. He seems happy, but we will only happy. And of course we will see these new movies, to see the legendary half-smile, with a keen squint.

I rarely think about my age. As long as I didn’t recall. I can still move fast if needed. I can go on a flat line. I think the day will come when I will slow down, but this has not happened yet.

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