Bruce Springsteen — it’s a shame not to know dude!

For the sake is not strange, but in our enlightened (self-irony-the irony!) editors do not know everything about this man. I myself did not know this man’s name, but in the face and some of his songs I knew and determined who the. Bruce Springsteen is a famous rock musician, we highly recommend you to increase your horizons. Bruce — dude titled twenty times laureate of the award «Grammy», winner of awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe» for best song to several movies and publications recognized by well-known musician. Eight of his albums are included in the famous list of «the 500 best albums of all time magazine Rolling Stone». And there shit does not hold.

Springsteen performs rock and folk music, however, among musicians it is often clean supporters of the genre, perhaps, can be found only among metallug type Manowar and despicable popsovikov. At home to Bruce’s positive attitude, despite the fact that it mini-patriot of new Jersey and supported Obama in his election campaign.

Dude was born in the town of long Branch, new Jersey. A childhood friend had in the heyday of rock ‘ n ‘ roll and, of course, on the active dissemination of the music of king Elvis Presley. In addition to music, Elvis Bruce actively listened to The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Eddie Cochrane and other famous dudes. Of course, this choice of music could not fail to affect the Outlook of guy who firmly understood that he was going to do in life. As a teenager, Bruce is organizing a garage rock band. The most successful Springsteen band was called The Castiles. After high school, Bruce realized that for him music is not only the love of childhood and children’s same passion, but something more. May the love of your life. With these thoughts the guy moved for permanent residence in the heart of new York’s Greenwich village, where he began to actively advocate with the songs in style of folk-rock. A great influence on the music of Bruce at that time did Bob Dylan that was noticeable. The songs were simple and understandable to the common man: the worker, the cowboy, «white trash» and even office workers. In 1973 he released the first album «Greetings from Asbury Park, N. J. (greetings from Asbury Park)». Album and sold very poorly. In the first year sold only 25,000 copies, and the record company were thinking to refuse the distribution of records and cooperation. Of course, in the future, these first attempts at writing went platinum after appeared more successful and popular work, but the first pancake is often lumpy. Of course, now a lot of the songs from the first album performed by Bruce at the live concerts, it is unlikely that he thought of such fame.

For the first tour Bruce created a group called the E Street Band. Along with this the band recorded a third album Born to Run (Born to run), which became Bruce’s long-awaited triumph: the journals Time and Newsweek published a photo of Springsteen on their covers, his music sounded from every tape, and he became one of the most important people in the music industry of America. Of course, then there was what dreams of any normal musician. No, not about women and tons of drugs, and that his statements will not be filled concert halls but whole stadiums. While actively playing heavy music, there are many new hard-court areas, but Bruce played a nice classic rock, which many had forgotten. Springsteen’s music critics also complained that uncommon. A mixture of rock-n-roll of the 50’s well combined with the lyrics in the spirit of Dylan.

Sprigsteen actively writes music and songs for different stars, which leads them to success. The godmother of punk rock Patti Smith with his song Because the Night has achieved the first places in the charts of America. There was even talk that it is the only full-fledged hit, but I’m not particularly in theme.

In the future, out of his legendary albums, Nebraska and Born in the U. S. A. the Latter is a sufficiently large number of words. The album became popular among rock musicians, even among pop music. Seven hits was released as a single, they were in the list of the best songs of all times and peoples, and the album became as much as 10 times platinum. After such dizzying victory of the God himself told Bruce to go on tour in the US and Europe at least two years. What Springsteen did in the same year. In November 1989, Bruce decided that the E-Street Band should no longer exist. He dismissed this almost legendary group the great surprise and chagrin of fans. Dude now played only solo.

In the future, it may be due to the dissolution of the group, the popularity of Bruce has fallen slightly. It is believed that it happened, because the next album was not as good as the previous one. Hell knows! Bruce ceased to be on the first places in the charts and remember only the fans and music lovers. But in 1993, the dude wrote the music for the film «Philadelphia,» and it was a very good move. The song «Streets of Philadelphia» brought the dude a meaningful and prestigious award — the «Oscar», and it not huhry-muhry. About the guy remembered me again, and again bought his old records and even cassette tapes have overstock.

But the next years were extremely fruitful for Springsteen. A scattering of statuettes «Grammy» as the best musician and artist, and one single, quite powerful, for best male vocals in the song The Rising.

Last year a movie came out biopic about Bruce called «Springsteen and I».

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