Bruce Lee or just «Wataaaaaah!!!»


As we began to write about Chuck, so just remember that it would be nice to write about Bruce Lee, because he is almost the same memetichnaya like Chuck. Well… Almost.

With the arrogance of Bruce Lee, in our progressive view, is matched only by his Quentin Tarantino. Childhood Bruce had specific. His father Lee Hoi Chen — stage actor-comedian — was a very specific person who could spend all his considerable income from giving several apartments for women and booze. Bruce differed just inhuman cockiness. Not looked, not so-that said — young Chinese Gopnik could start a fight for any reason. And has started, however, until he had mastered the martial arts himself to shovel often.


Being phenomenally clever man by nature, also possessed exceptional data. At 18 he won the championship in cha-cha-cha, came to the famous master of martial arts and specifically said: «Master, I know you perfectly know kung-fu and I am the best dance the cha-cha-cha. So, let’s share our knowledge: you teach me kung fu, I will teach you how to dance the cha-cha-cha». We shook on that. Don’t know how well Bruce has taught his master dance, but the squabble he certainly had talent. Just a few days the young Bruce Lee mastered all the living, which usually learn over the years. Further Bruce’s progress was amazing: he never gave up on training, mastered the possession of nunchaku (in fact, it was he who revealed to the world this is an amazing weapon that was used by the ninja turtle Michelangelo), has mastered judo, JIU-jitsu and Boxing. And then think hard and come up with your own style, called Jeet kun-Do, which is favorable in self-defense in fights.

Bruce became famous by acting in cheap TV shows and its quickly noticed (how can you not notice that crazy Chinese?). He had disciples, and Bruce began taking a record $ 275 an hour for private lessons, the cunning Chinese!


Heightened realism, incredible beauty and terrible speed of implementation attacks (some scenes had to artificially slow down so you can understand what and how) made Bruce a legend in his lifetime. He was entrusted with several large projects with substantial budgets, such as the movie «Return of the dragon» (where he desperately pull out a chest hair from Chuck Norris) and the movie «Fist of fury».

Strange stuff, but just the incredible attention to their health and daily training Bruce Lee died in one of the many versions, the… headache pills. Hell, it’s just unreal! The doctors say that the pill caused swelling of the brain. Of course, there are other versions of revenge of people with Bruce put their lives on the blades, the revenge of the mafia, accident, allergies, revenge of the mistress. What only versions do not, but we believe that the early death helped to become even more mimetidae than before.


In fact, the biography of Bruce is not as interesting as his ability. This dude with their natural talents, coupled with an extreme desire to train has turned himself into the ultimate weapon. Was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that most of the martial arts pay attention to the improvement of skills rather than honing the indicators of your body. With the growth of 171 cm and weight about 60 pounds Bruce knew how incredible. For example, it could hold a 32-pound dumbbell at arm’s length. Try it, comrade, I tell you. Jackie Chan learned how to throw grains of rice up into the air and catching them with chopsticks. A finger from a distance Bruce could penetrate a can of coke, given that at that time the steel from which it is made, was much thicker this achievement. Or you could make the famous one-inch punch — a strike at a distance of one inch from the target. They say that until it happened. Toss up to the ceiling a 50-pound sack of flour, do push-UPS on your toes and to catch up on two fingers Bruce also knew how.


In General, the amazing man he was, even to philosophize loved and wrote books. This specific example of Gopnik, who himself overcame.

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