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Decided to saturate your brain is not just useful information, but information that inspires. It is no secret that the barbershop is a phenomenon of the young, but has already managed to enslave the minds of a good half of the male population. We finally learned that you cannot look cool with a haircut «under the hedgehog». Besides, we had an Epiphany that men also should be very neat and cool hairstyles. There are many new style and we from year to year all look decent and presentable. Of course, Barbera is not only to blame, but they are part of this wave, which eventually changes our society. Moreover, in our view, only changes for the better.

Guy from Russia is not a hooligan in the alcoholic with booze, talks about «concepts». Guy from Russia – is a person who can monitor yourself, and for others. He does not bend under the onslaught of fate, he holds his life in his own paws, and it is always beautiful and neatly trimmed beard. This way we like it, who would not say that.

And now is an opportune time to trace the history of the most interesting figures padobrana art.


The guys started their business in the exact moment when to wear a beard and be well-groomed has become not just a fashionable pastime, but archimode! FIRMA immediately announced his professionalism and style that allowed her to avoid the conveyor haircuts and careless shave. Alexey Bondarenko and Dmitry Cicinai, owners of affiliates of the barbershop COMPANY, wanted to do something that would be useful and necessary to people and which the people demand always. And he had the idea of opening his own barbershop. To attract professional artists had to work hard (after all, not to believe the same guys with the scissors on the floor, you never know what kind of maniacs you can run into). In General, this Barbera went through three stages of severe trials. The first candidates to cut their models and demonstrated their art to friends. On the first chief technologist of a network of barbershop FIRMA pursued selection and further training in the art of bedabrata. Well, on the third «survived» for free sheared and shaved his people to practice the technique. Thus was formed a team of professionals.

As a result, when you come to the barbershop FIRMA, you just do not shave shaver and razor (which do not everywhere), like in the good old days. Anyway, razor is the main tool for customer at a local Barber. A true classic, pre-warming the skin with hot towels and cold compresses later. All accompanied by free beer, grain coffee and strong tea and a friendly chat after midnight for overstayers customers. FIRMA’re open until the last customer. But how else?

To be honest, many experienced and discerning clients, patrons of the barbershop, out of curiosity, looked into, the COMPANY, was surprised and joined a growing Guild regular customers of this establishment.

2. OldBoy

One of the best indicators of the quality of any barbershop is nothing like his clients — even if the celebrity is not afraid to expose his head and neck under the arms and blades of the master, and you’re going to a good Barber in the world. A good institution not only your hair, but the brain will result in the order, with intimate conversations and discussions going on in this crazy world. OldBoy is such a place. He had such characters of the domestic show-business, such as: ILO, DJ Kan, DJ and other famous players, whose visits left secretly because of different reasons.

The splendour of this institution is that OldBoy Barbershop is not just a small cult place. This franchise, which operates in five countries and has around 50 branches. But even despite the popularity and the broad geography, the barbershop has remained true to its traditions. There comes different people, which may include footballers, musicians, boxers — in a word, men. What they have in common, besides belonging to the men’s tribe? The love of good music? And maybe style? I think this is not important, important is that everyone realize that Barber is not just a hair salon, where they’ll cut your vegetation and not even a place where you will stuff the best tattoo (in some barbershop network, there is also a tattoo parlor). It is also a place where people are having a good time. Over a Cup of coffee or even a glass of Bourbon (why not?). They discuss things, or even silent, but we all know that OldBoy is a place where they are welcome.

If in your city there is no strict and rough Paradise for men, then why don’t you open it yourself? This is an opportunity to get acquainted with her you can on the official website of OldBoy Barbershop. Go for it, fortune favours the brave.

3. Bear’s Beard

A good Barber is not just a place where you shave and cut your hair. This is the point on the city map where you will accept for your, shake hands upon entering and get a delicious coffee. «Bear’s Beard» – is such an institution. Founder padobranac proud of the atmosphere of conviviality, which he managed to create his brainchild – The bear’s Beard BarberShop.

The first thing that catches the eye when you break into the school, it’s a bunch of cool things like authentic motorcycle (all bikers 20% discount!) and the old train lantern. The room is quite small, but very cozy. And at the entrance you are greeted by the receptionist who talks to you not just as a client but as a good friend. It immediately has. Instead of the usual digital sound you can choose to your taste vinyl – great sound and a collection of artists wouldn’t hurt anyone. Fedor, the administrator and owner of bear’s Beard, wants to expand the salon due to waiting areas and rest that will absorb and bar.

In this case, the client will be able to enjoy not only the rum and coffee, but a lot of different cocktails, even beer. But remember that the essence of a good barbershop is in first place in the club aesthetics, which is expressed in the relationship between the Barber and the guest, in the conversation between them.You can talk with the master about football events in the world of politics and business, and the Barber, of course, do not forget to share with you his opinion on the haircut (they know their business). And all this on the tracks of ease. On the way out of the barbershop you clearly understand that it is not just spent time with benefits, but well rested. By the way, if you suddenly came with a friend, no offense, he will not wait for you alone, because he can fill his sleeve (it is clear that not in one session) while you wait. Tattoo Studio located right next door, in the next room, get-together there is the same that ensures the joy of the process.


Herman Vinokurov, founder BARBERHERMAN & COworking in the industry of professional care for a good seven years. Interestingly, Vinokurov himself did not start as a Barber, but rather belonged to the world of high fashion and style, honed their skills and acquire ideas, which are embodied in this very male Barber shop that is now many at the hearing. Herman not only designed the design of its institution, which he called «Barberherman & Co», but in person with pleasure cuts it customers.

The barbershop is included in the line known conglomeration One Door Community. In her place found a lot of great projects like the meat restaurant Meat Puppets Bar and bar Kraft liquor Fcking Craft Pub.

Door of the «Barberherman & Co» was opened in 2015 as the time when the authority of Barbera was at its peak, and people needed not just in the «brutal male» institution, but the institution is absolutely professional. And they got what they wanted, because if we describe the technique of cutting, to call it can only be one word – masterful.

Besides, no one stands in one place: Vinokurov monitors trends in men’s haircuts, travels to countries to learn from colleagues and to find something unique. All this settles on Russian soil, while, in the meantime, be satisfied.

5. Black Ice

And this place is without exaggeration can be called unique among the many Russian barbershop. The fact that Black Ice is the first male hairdresser new type, which decided to hire exclusively women as their masters, while maintaining masculine atmosphere of a classic barbershop.

The role of the master Black Ice to not so easy: she should be a professional stylist who knows not just a limited set of four cuts, but will be able to do any individual work. Why girls? Why not? Men get along with the fair sex, and many, of course, much more familiar, when hair is washed the hands of women, not men. There is logic in this.The first salon Black Ice opened in December 2014 and the second in December 2015. It is possible that the extension will not be forthcoming. And while it is possible to identify a number of features of this network: very affordable price (800 rubles on any cut); cool bean coffee that you will be treated to; a Parking spot for your car, which will be free; the entry for the current day and not for weeks (which is convenient). The owner of the barbershop Sergey Pronin believes that the man should be the most convenient in terms of entry and in terms of service. If that day comes, he says, when demands become too much and the customers will have to plan a visit before the appointed date, the Black Ice just opened another salon.

6. 20/15

Alexander Kataev, the owner of barbershop 20/15, had the idea to create the classic barbershop chamber for «their». The struggle for the continuation of the tradition continues and now is the time when beards and mustaches are only for those men who they really are. Not a trend, not fashion, and the positioning and way of life. Thus, 20/15 took it upon themselves to do their job wisely and qualitative ways.

Modern man needs a clear and understandable way, which could tell about the success of the owner of the clippers. Here we are faced with real life, and not just any stylistic decision. The barbershop helps the faithful team that is constantly evolving, the bearded and mustachioed segment.

It is not surprising that customers are always satisfied, as a clear result of their account on Instagram. Friendly atmosphere, friends, friends and acquaintances, who appreciate quality and individuality, and also a pleasant conversation – all of it priceless.

By the way, guys open a new barbershop on the Belarusian. The opening will take place in late March. Wellcome!

7. Schegol Moscow

There are people who go beyond their activities and do something cool, affecting the world around us. So what happened to the barbershop Schegol. If to speak about professional skills, they are on top. Masters take an active part in specialized events with barbering, increasing their skills, and one of the masters, Igor Fedorenko, and is winner of the best Barber in the country according to the results of the national championship Barber King. It is clear that the Barber is serious about quality and reputation. Focuses «the Goldfinch» on a classic men’s haircut and shave with a straight razor. The team of «the Goldfinch» follows the trends and creates its own. Hence, a deep approach to their business. But this barbershop stands out not only for these reasons.

«The goldfinch» has formed around the active cultural space, some creative Association, which deals not only with haircuts but also support important cultural fields: contemporary art, street culture, design, music and education.The guys are extremely significant events in all of these cases, at the same time cooperating with such corporations as Adidas and Jameson. On account of barbershop and is Russia’s first specialized educational institution for training masters classic men’s shaving and trimming, which is called Barber Wanted. And this, in fact, infinitely cool, because the Goldfinch builds a new reality that are pleasing not only guests of the barbershop, but also the whole society.

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