Brownie: it’s very simple

We have long thought, however. But, recipes with meat were already enough pasta and eggs, and sandwiches — everything was. And suddenly realized that in our male stomach sweet too, I want. Moreover, there is reason to celebrate, gravitational waves and all that.

Baking is important to us that it was: a) delicious; b) just in preparation; C) affordable in terms of ingredients.

Not every confection boasts similar, and buy something in the supermarkets we really don’t want. Well, we turned to the experience of the dudes from the American continent, procured brownie recipe.

The dessert appeared in the late nineteenth century and now popular everywhere mainly because a brownie is one of the major positions in various fast food restaurants. We like it due to its semi-liquid mid-and wonderful chocolate taste. Nothing is superfluous and everything is easy. I think you’ll like it.


You need quite a bit, and every ingredient is easy to get at any grocery store. Or maybe you have and now everything you need is there.

– 450 grams of dark chocolate;

– 400 grams of sugar (preferably brown);

– 170 grams of butter;

– 1 Cup of flour;

– 30-50 ml strong coffee;

– 6 eggs;

– half a teaspoon of salt;

– half a teaspoon of vanilla.


1. First, we need to split the chocolate. Just break, and then finish off with a knife. Too finely chop is not necessary, just for small pieces.

2. The whole array of chocolate pour into a container (it will melt the chocolate), add the oil there and put in a water bath. There is, incidentally, a little trick that all went well. When you put in a water bath, make sure the bottom of the tank (where you have the chocolate) do not touch the water. The heat have to go through a pair, then will not burn. When you heat the chocolate, don’t forget to stir periodically.

3. Take up all our eggs (all six!) and whisk until Bela with sugar. Then add the salt and vanilla (by the way, the salt increases significantly the sweetness of chocolate, but now not about it). When you already believe that the mixture down adequately, the time – gradually pour our buttery chocolate. Lay in a thin stream and whipped.

4. Then the case for coffee. Just put it in a container and stir. And next comes our cups of flour, which should be poured in portions, stirring well to avoid lumps. Did? Well done, the case remained for small.

5. Pour in our chocolate-butter mixture with the dough and coffee in a baking pan. Put the oven on to heat to 180 degrees and bake for 20 minutes.

6. Eat hot, eat cold, eat at any temperature, because it is delicious!

Enjoy your meal, friend.

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