Brotherhood: people who will help you become a better

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_l9uk4mcRu11RXDude, today we want to tell you about a fairly important topic. Namely, the concept of «brotherhood», community men, which is a must in our selfish world. Perhaps we have already said that one can survive difficult: you constantly bump into those problems that cannot be solved only for the reason that you don’t have the proper experience, support. No, you’re a big guy, so ask for help from parents will not work, and it is unlikely they will be able to help. There are still friends, but they just cease to be, if you’re going to pull them on every occasion. What remains?

In General many people experience this serious problem. They lack guidance, direction, they do not know its purpose. Communication with friends is not beyond beer and football, perhaps it should be, especially after a hard working week, but when it’s limited, to develop you won’t.

Even some hundred years ago men gathered together, discussing politics, art, sports. Together they fought back Gopnik, was recorded in a single hussar regiment and fought all sorts of conversations and helped each other with chores. It seems to us that many of the problems faced by men in our time, based on the fact that this form of social community nearly ceased to exist. But nobody prevents you to create it in the circle of his acquaintances. It will do you good.

If you think it’s not for you, wait with conclusions. Remember the movie «Fight Club»? Of course I remember. There are people who are tired of their weakness, were United in the brotherhood, the club with its own rules. In the end, they found themselves, and indeed, apparently, found its free state. What is the difference that they had to beat each other? To each his own. The popularity of the film suggests that men subconsciously want to be part of a formidable and fearless male of the tribe. This does not negate the individuality of a particular person, rather, will help you to fully use your own best qualities in their everyday life, you to apply for some reason can’t. In the end, there is a growing realization that you are part of something whole, and not some cog in the mechanism, the essence of which you can not understand, namely the part that understand and appreciate.

Club/fraternity/tribe may have different external component. Can you really attract people with the same interests, but best of all, when you have people close to you not only Hobbies and personality, but above all on the Outlook on life. You must be on the same wavelength. It might be more productive, in other words.

Why do you need frat? In the first place in order to become better. Are you going with total strangers, to develop their personality, to understand some things not so well versed as those who will surround you at the club. The inevitable conflicts, but it is in these conflicts that must take place in a cultural form, and exacerbated by our character. Before it has always.

Life is a way of correcting errors, as some say. The brotherhood will help you avoid the most obvious mistakes, which just doesn’t see, or fix them, or maybe just to realize. Don’t underestimate such assistance and benefits.

Talk about sad. According to the statistics of the total number of suicides ¾ are men. This refers to the number of «successful» suicides, not attempts, in which women lead. I generally don’t like to talk about suicide as a weak act, but either way, it is wrong. The number of suicides among men are clearly on the rise, and many attribute his lack of society, which helps us to feel safe and Express themselves from a male point of view. The lack of strong male role models is a big problem. Children raised without a father or father drunk, in the future face many cockroaches in my head. They don’t know where you have to be strong and sensitive, where brave, and where, on the contrary, you need to calm down. The brotherhood helps significantly to develop these qualities.

Even if you have a wife and children, you can still be a very lonely man. You probably understand it. Chatting online with people also gives some advantages, but it can’t compare with the real encounters of people who can help each other and cool time. The brotherhood creates its own conditions for specific dignity of each person. Cool, because you can go Hiking in the mountains with people not planning the event a month in advance. But just jumped up and hit the road. Awesome to do business with people they trust, and full confidence in their professionalism and honesty.

manygoodtips.com_26.06.2015_cNIUhhYz4MivqOf course, in Russia, this form of informal associations has not yet taken root, but this does not mean that it is not needed. All you need in order to create a brotherhood, so it is easy to collect, say, 10 email. email the guys from your city and write to them about ideas. For example: «would You like once a month to come together in some places and do something interesting: Billiards, poker, etc.?» It is likely that half of you will send, but the other half answered in the affirmative, then you can be calm.

But you should still answer the following questions and to convey to the recipients of his vision of the brotherhood:

– What do you want to do in the brotherhood, and why?

– What do you want from him, what can you give?

Do you just want to communicate and be entertained, or do you think about addressing important issues and business conversations?

When the answer to these questions, you can start looking for new club members. And it’s pretty hard. We would advise you to find people close to you in interests, there’s a lot on the Internet, on specialized forums and so on. But not limited to them: you still need to be the ones who will get to learn something new. When the skeleton is assembled, new people will come by themselves. You will need some organizational skills, namely: organization of the order, the event itself, and the management of all contacts. In fact it is not so difficult if you don’t do some serious things, but a group designed only for entertainment. But some difficulties may cause.

Nobody likes the word «rules», but they still should be. For example, some clubs forbid any talk about work. This is understandable, who wants to remember on Saturday that it is waiting for Monday. On the other hand, other clubs are on the contrary more focused on business relationships. There is also an order of acceptance to the members of the brotherhood or, on the contrary, the exception. When you are going 5-7 people, all this seems childish, but I make sure the rules you still very much will help in this matter, and to lay out.

And the brotherhood has been operating more than six months, you need to just be attentive to people. They must communicate, to help with the implementation of some desires. Should always be order to the members of the brotherhood knew it would be next month. Encourage others, particularly introverts: they will help you to take a leadership role. But don’t forget that you created a club in order to relax or become better, so make your help you guys were able to organize.

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