Bro, unfortunately, birthday only once a year?

A friend from the Dutch town of Haren did not even know that her birthday number of guests to be comparable with the celebration of the birthday of some famous pop star: nearly 4,000 people decided to come and congratulate her personally. And the thing is that the girl, sending invitations to their friends from the social network Facebook, I forgot to specify that this is a private party.

Sixteen-year-old Merten Faustus (according to CNN) on the eve of his birthday, which she celebrates 21st September, sent out invitations to all who would like to have some fun this day, but inadvertently did not put a tick in the right place (who doesn’t, man). Imagine her surprise when, on her invitation said about 20,000 people. According to some it is on the celebration came thousands of 4 wanting to have fun, mostly young people.

Mass the celebration of the birth of interested law enforcement officers who came to the house of the birthday girl, she herself on the eve of the holiday with their family was forced to leave. Merry young people did not want to leave and for a persuasiveness dense forest has started to use stones, bottles, flower pots and even bicycles, which pelted police that sparked riots, which were set on fire one car and looted a few shops. Four participants had to complete a holiday in a police station, several more already in a hospital bed. In General, the holiday was a success.

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