Bro, this food will mess you up


We are what we eat, huh, man? Scientists have discovered what products I will mess you up, man. Fear them! However, sometimes you just have to be sad, if you really want

1. Chips

These crunchy snacks contain some very harmful acid and the carcinogen acrylamide, which block the pleasure hormones-endorphins. And generally they are harmful. Even with beer…

2. Ham

Feral ham contains large amounts of sugar, salt, fillers, preservatives and nitrates, which cause a bad mood because they affect the digestive system.

3. Margarine

Industrial margarine contains fats that affect heart health. GM soy, which is often used as a raw material for the manufacture of margarine ingestion can cause severe allergies, even death.

4. Sweet soft drinks

Sweet drinks harmful in and of themselves due to the sharp spike in blood sugar after eating foods, which subsequently ends with a sharp drop, which entails mood swings.

5. Bagels

Only if you, my friend, start with them. As the body fully wakes up much later than the brain, the digestive system takes much more time to digest all this abundance of carbohydrates. Why do I have the strength to hormone of joy!

6. Peanuts

Salted peanuts from the store contains MSG and a huge number of supplements of unknown origin.

In General, peanuts are very high-calorie product. And you, my friend, need to watch yourself on the ice like a Greyhound!

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