Bro, that’s Donatas Motions. Talented ham.

Beginner «rockets» Donatas Mateunas haven’t participated in any NBA match but his game and the review already has forced to speak about itself in the American press. We, tracing the path of a Lithuanian come to the conclusion that the complicated nature of the player — one of its main advantages.

Girls like bad boys, but married, usually go for honest, positive and reliable. If the axiom of this statement does not hold, then we can go break in the proverb. Most General managers of NBA teams, guided by this principle when selecting rookies in the draft, often prefer a proven win-win performers talented but mischievous characters. This is just the story Donatas Motions — the Lithuanian center, who draft pick in 2011 was selected under the 20-m number. And this in spite of the unanimous opinion that the hammer is a native of Kaunas had to go not much later his brother-Jonas Valanciunas. On hand more flexible Valanciunas, elected in the fifth room, played his reputation, while Motions labelled smug egotist was sent to 15 points lower, although the talent he had at least buckets to draw.

NBA scouts got Motions when he just finished a basketball school Arvydas Sabonis, who is preparing personnel for «Zalgiris». Due to the large number of foreign players and the desire to get more playing time Donatas only a year stayed in the Lithuanian part of the Grand. In search of a better fate, albeit on a worse team, ambitious guy went to «Athletes», which were occasionally lit up Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Saulius Stombergas and even Nikita Morgunov. «Atletas» statistics of Motions began to grow by leaps and bounds, and around the same time, the center has begun to see the coaches of the national team.

In a team of up to 20 years then what basketball player went to America for a youth tournament, where the final section is literally the US team with John wall, Demarcus cousins, and with Avery Bradley, showing thereby that he is a real bro. After this quotation Motions began to rise, experts NBA leaping chirped, predicting a place in the top three at the next draft, and the Lithuanian took that promotion and moved to Italian «Treviso». In the Apennines Donatas felt freer. It was this game, and relationships with journalists. The player did not hold a Fig in a pocket and just started to position itself as one of the most important members of the team, and it aroused the indignation of the press, Motions prescribed ointment from the star disease.

The main Slayer of the team it was, but it was the minimalism of Lithuanian, its lack of shyness in front of the authorities helped the «Treviso» to get into the Final four of the European Cup, the results of which the center was named the best young player of the tournament. All this was not too impressed of Kestutis Kemzura, who did not call the player at home the European championship. The decision of the head coach of the Lithuanian national team looked no less strange than the huge posters of Motions that in the absence of the player was hung the whole Kaunas. Blame the laziness and the neglect of training the player was clearly angry and he had a great season in the Polish Asseco Prokom. Even with the discount at the level of the championship Poland spiteful critics were forced to admit that the guy can play in NBA. But it was not enough for steering the «big green machine». Motions again passed a major tournament and instead of the Olympics went to NBA summer League. There in the allotted time Donatas had pretty noisy in every sense of the word. To start his game, he was forced to break out the rave tirade Chris Webber, and after the stunned journalists, who are accustomed to the timidity of political correctness and the newcomers: «For me, nothing new here. In Europe it was even harder there with me all the time trying to get a dog.»

This behavior seems arrogant, but that’s exactly what Motions can achieve success in the best League in the world, and it is for this same reason the NBA can’t get Jonas Valanciunas. The Olympics was for the Jonas world premiere as previously planned. Bravura is announced shouts thrown in the air, the girls ‘ caps came out for the occasion. Center most of the time sat on the bench and walk on the floor, looked pinched and insecure. And Motions assertive, talkative and, even without playing a single game in the NBA, now feels organically in the atmosphere of the overseas leagues.

While Valanciunas gets embarrassed and as a workhorse pulling a heavy baggage of common expectations, Motions, shaking a fashionable Mohawk, surprised ignorance of scouts and concertina to address Dwight Howard: «you’re surprised I when its growth drop with 40 percent from behind the arc. Odd that your famous scouts didn’t know about it. Say Howard will kill me? Well, maybe. But for this he first of all will need to catch me, because I am more a speed player than he is.» The swagger, the liberty intrigue? Of course, but it also creates more intrigue, which attracts fans to the stadium, including girls. So, friends, do not be afraid to marry bad bro, at least with them will be interesting.

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