Bro, spies looked inside the new BMW X5.

Judging by spy photos of pre-production prototype of the next BMW X5, the Bavarian polnoprivodniki., despite its novelty (based machine will be a new, lighter platform), will become perceived as the evolution of the model of the second generation. The continuity of generations is out of stock. Do not believe me, friend? Look then still fresh images of the cabin of a future SUV.


The first few seconds it seems that nothing has changed – everything in its place. Architecture the interiors of the current «x-fifth» and the new really very similar. However, analog devices latest – with four faces instead of two the actual «rogue», the display of multimedia system iDrive in the latest fashion as if separate from the front panel and the air vents under it «flattened.» «Joystick» selector lever, the same kind, and the «puck»controller had any changes (visually) has not undergone, but the buttons on the Central tunnel became more. In short, evolution…

How many bro and girlfriend will wait for the «third» BMW X5? Many Western publications are inclined to believe that the car will debut next year, but specific dates yet no one calls.


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