Bro Peyton manning on the strength of your hand.

Talk about the fading power of the hands of Peyton manning broke out with new force after Brock Osweiler, the backup quarterback of the Broncos, said that if the team has one last chance to save the game distant pass in the end zone of the opponent, on the field would make it.

From this we can draw the obvious conclusion that the Broncos believe that shot in Osweiler stronger than manning’s. This does not mean that the team is unhappy with the power the hands of manning, or that his arm was noticeably weaker, compared to those times, when he played for Indianapolis. But the manning, of course, did not avoid questions about the strength of your hand at a meeting with journalists.

«Hand as a hand. As it is, it is, I don’t know how to describe it,» said manning. «I don’t know what else to add. What you want to hear»?

All three interceptions he threw Monday, it seemed nedonoshennye balls, losing speed towards the end of the flight, but manning blamed their bad decisions, not the cast. In the opening game against Pittsburgh and the game against Atlanta, manning has shown that still has a cast that is able to regularly bring it to the scoring area of the opponent. Which, of course, can not please all bro and friends watching the NFL.

The question of his age can not go anywhere, but it will be meaningless if Peyton will avoid such mistakes he made in the first three drives on Monday. We wish our bro good luck.

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