Bro, did you know that even after a nuclear explosion the beer will be drinkable?

It cannot be denied that the losses from the explosion of a nuclear bomb big. And that, man, sad. You might lose friends. Your family can die in front of you. Or, the other, you may attack psychanalyse looters.

But, dude, we got good news. Beer will be able to support you, even if you have nothing to drink.

According to studies, beer remains drinkable even after a nuclear explosion. And this, of course, can not but rejoice.

During testing in Nevada in 1955 was produced 14 nuclear explosions. During some of the explosions at the site were packaged food, including beer. Packaging products were located in different locations relative to the epicenter at a distance of 1000 feet to several miles. After the explosion, with a capacity of 20-30 kilotons beer was considered normal.More precisely, suitable for drinking «in an emergency» safe «in the short term». The taste of the beer was not ruined.

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