Bro Darrell Revis will not play this week.

Bro Rex Ryan doesn’t count on our favorite guy Darrell Revis this week .

Despite the fact that at first everyone was convinced that the trauma of Darrell Revis not serious, becomes less clear when he will be able to get back on the field. We wish our bro a speedy recovery.

Sunday best cornerback in the League missed the third game in his career, is diagnosed with a «minor concussion».

This term in the medical sense is just as important as the concept of «a little bit pregnant», so now even head coach Rex Ryan, not sure when the player is ready to play.

«I don’t think we can count on him this week,» says Ryan. «You know the standards of the NFL on concussions, it needs to take special tests. While it looks good, and hopefully I’ll be able to play, but this is not certain».

Last week, doctors let Revise physical activity, but did not allow full contact.

The jets are definitely not missing their best player. Ben Roethlisberger in the game against them had a rating of 125.1, sketched 275 yards and gave up 2 touchdown passes.

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