Bro are going to succeed. 10 bullies of the NHL, during the lockout can play in Russia.

To protect the League from low-quality foreign players, the KHL announced the criteria for foreign players from the NHL during the lockout. But especially for you, friend, we found 10 bullies of the NHL’s most daring, dirty and undesirable from overseas, who have every right to play in the Continental League.

Matt Cooke, PittsburghMatt Cooke, Pittsburgh

Why can play in the NHL, and won the Stanley Cup in 2009.

This dude is a real pain in the ass a couple hundred players in the NHL, one of the dirtiest forwards in the present. Goes by the rule of 150+, and for regalia in 2009 we won with «Pittsburgh» the Stanley Cup. For retentive – even has a world Cup gold in 2004, but it’s irrelevant. Before the season 2011/12 was consistently scored 100 penalty minutes, maimed and beaten rivals and United the many the hate to yourself.

But last year suddenly settled down. That does not prevent him, like old times, relieving the wrists or beat on the sly, but «break» it seems to be stopped.

Nonsense, Marchand, BostonBrad Marchand, Boston

Why can play in the NHL, and won the Stanley Cup in 2011.

The sum of the two seasons passes easily under the rule of 150+, has won the main trophy of the NHL. You can even be surprised by the statistics guy, he plays a very efficient as the championship playoffs held brilliantly. But, Marchand plays dirty. In addition to the scoring skills and ability to «get under the skin» might do something completely downhole.


Daniel Carcillo, ChicagoDaniel Carcillo, Chicago

Why can play in the NHL played more than 150 games over the last 3 seasons.

Also listed as the finalist of the Stanley Cup in 2010. Leggings never kept firmly in the hands of Denis, the mouth is not closed, and the opponent never ceased to hate him. Finest hour came in the season-2007/08, when bro, often waving fists and started to score for Phoenix and even scored a hat-trick. But washers not what, Carcillo pick the team. Injured if not more, than misses matches due to suspension. In fact – the enforcer of the new formation, with good skating, pumped skill «TRASECA» and infinitely foul play along the boards. Here in the NHL would be delighted!

Jordyn Tutu, Jordyn Tutu, «Detroit»

Why can play in the NHL played more than 150 games over the last 3 seasons.

Born an eskimo, my entire adult career has played for Nashville, was not in this season even change the division moved to Michigan. In the condition of a strong lack of personnel needed Babcoke and benefits «Detroit», if not for the lockout. Jordyn plays not so dirty as Cursillo, but on the verge of a foul all the time is at hand, and disqualification tutu do not pass. And he was never a supporter of Radulov’s return to Nashville, hard riding forward even in 2009-m to year, after a quarrel with teammate 2012.

Raffi Torres, PhoenixRaffi Torres, Phoenix

Why can play in the NHL final Stanley Cup in 2011.

All already began to forget that the career of Chris Simon in the NHL is over, in fact, after a 25-game suspension. The same period the forward of «coyotes» got a hit on Gosset. The violation clearly was, but 25 games? Brendan Shanahan announced Torres is a repeat offender for: a) incorrect attacks b) attacks to the head region) repeated violations. But then Raffi pardoned, «plane» him 4 games. But the KHL the penalty does not apply, right? In the NHL, the forward can play on the right of the title of finalist of the Stanley Cup-2011 in structure «Vancouver». And their 150 matches he played power forward of his level are always in demand.

Patrick Kaleta, BuffaloPatrick Kaleta, Buffalo

Why can play in the NHL played more than 150 games over the last 3 seasons.

The flesh of the player, «Buffalo», was chosen in the later rounds, but made it part of the «blades» and played for them for 5 relatively full seasons. Go to any frenzy for the sake of his team. Seen in the ranks of fans of «to dive» will do everything that the opponent fouled him. Do not refuse to itself pleasure once again to expose the elbow and tell the opponent a few pleasant and a heartwarming words. The champion received the head-butting can legally play in the KHL for the «rule of 150 games.»

Chris Neal, Chris Neal, «Ottawa»

Why can play in the NHL final Stanley Cup in 2007.

A versatile forward, one of the most physically strong players in the NHL. His universalism is that it is equally good «scores» on Board rivals and relieves the wrists. Playing dirty and the bar keeps hatred at a high level for many years. At the Nile for over two hundred fights in his career and exactly 200 points in the NHL. Maybe even beat zdeno Haru. Well, or to be beaten melt House. So, Neil – not a young boy. Can play in the KHL and even at the totality of games played over 3 seasons, they had accumulated 240 (with 563 penalty minutes).

Maxim Lapierre, VancouverMaxim Lapierre, Vancouver

Why can play in the NHL final Stanley Cup in 2011.

Vancouver in General is rich in «high-profile» players, and the list is still without Alex burrows. What to max is one of the most hated players in the League, a typical provocateur, who does not know the limits when to stop. You hate Radulov for his pantomime? Look better, like Lapierre «trolls», who, according to one version, put his finger in burrows mouth. Does not consider it a bad thing to spend a dirty stab in the back. Claude Julien of the Boston trampled of Lapierre in the dirt, putting it on a par with Sean Avery. But for the CHL – no obstacles.

Eric Boulton, Eric Boulton, «New Jersey»

Why can play in the NHL final Stanley Cup in 2012.

On the background of the list above – it is a harmless guy. At least now, when busy, mainly the dropping of the gloves. And before his elbows were among the most active in the League. As a participant in the final series of the playoffs, could easily be signed by any KHL club.


Shawn Thornton, BostonShawn Thornton, Boston

Why can play in the NHL: Stanley Cup winner in 2011.

Irish on the maternal side and, by and large, a good guy who, in addition to their duties – to beat the other players – and still plays hockey. We can safely recommend the KHL last season, scored 20 (10+10) points. Can easily «populate» in the KHL, as the champion of sample 2011. One word — a real bro.


Bonus Patrice Cormier, Bonus

Patrice Cormier, «Winnipeg»

Can’t play in the KHL as he played for their youth team (and even was its captain) 3 years ago. But if you tuned in to the persecution of the original Continental League, do not rush. The guy was disqualified until the end of the season. But we can say that the CHL lost the captain of team Canada. If he was a superhero, identity problems would not have arisen. So, the captain’s Elbow?





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