British sommelier held in one hand a glass 51

The specifics of the dudes always leaves a certain mark.

Philip Osenton — 43-year-old British sommelier began his thorny path with the waiter in the restaurants of London hotels. Because Philip had to cover the tables in the restaurant for 140 seats with an absolute lack of time and arrange for 280 glasses at a time, it is vital to learn the skill «raspaltsovki». And he definitely succeeded.

Last time sommelier set a record, holding in one hand a 45 glasses. But bro decided not to stop there. In Beijing, where Philip worked as a specialist in the wines, each set a new record, holding in one hand a glass up 51!

Black bro in questionable areas of America nervously Smoking in aside, respectwe sommelier Philip for amazing raspaltsovku. Dude you can already start rapping for the quality of the recitative, and the words we do not vouch for, but in the preparation of complex shapes of the fingers Philip will definitely succeed.

However, it’s unknown, filed sommelier-champion of record.

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