British scientists at it again: they have created a cure for the mind!


So, dude, say Woe from wit. Although we do not think so clearly. To be smart is good, but sometimes hard.

To make life easier for those people who suffer from its exclusive intelligence, or just live in Russia, British scientists have invented supermultiplets that will help you to lower your intelligence to incredibly low values. With the help of such pills can reduce your intelligence by 10, 30 or even 50 points on a scale Eysenck IQ.

Says neurologist and a leading chemist of the company Sleepthinker idiots on our planet the most, so you need not to get upset, and flexible. We don’t think so, man, although his words are not meaningless. After these preparations you will not worry about questions of life and death, but the drunk driving will seem just stunning.

Unfortunately, the «medicine of the mind» not for sale, but don’t be sad: maybe it will pass all tests and will go on sale after a while, killing a suffering gene pool.

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