British immoral TV shows of us know what a «Monty Python» or «Jeeves and Wooster» – like series set the rules of the game in the genre of Comedy for many decades to come. British satire has always stood out from the crowd. In 80-ies she could do something for that in other countries, for example, in the United States, has risen perturbed by a conservative public, furiously firing of revolvers into the air. Sometimes this leads to interesting ideas about our country.

But time is running out and we are seeing a much more sophisticated plot development and far more daring ideas. And while European comedians trying not to fall into the abyss, balancing on a thin tightrope of political correctness, the British have long jumped into this amazing world without any restrictions. It is difficult to find topics that have not been ridiculed by British television, and it is, by the way, has no unfortunate consequences, but rather gives to the audience are excellent examples of British humor, cynical and intellectual in so far as simple and non-intellectual American humor.

In this collection we have tried to give examples of the best modern sitcoms within the genre. What we missed, and something included just because it looks cool. But something will have to dig you, as the most valuable part is of course what you yourself find.

So there you go!

Bookstore Black (Black Books), 2000-2004

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_dYn9bgtifNFkR– Coffee and books is a fad, one that you are not satisfied.What happens if you take the cynical Irishman who hates anyone who dares to interrupt his hourly drinking wine, and give it to the management of the bookstore? So interesting to nuclear compound, where known throughout the English-speaking world (and us) an Irish comedian Dylan Moran in the three seasons will mock your running business. Not so easy to leave the store black with the desired book.

The script was written by Dylan, and partner filming was elected bill Bailey – also a unique comedian with Albion. Unfortunately, the series was limited to only 3 seasons of 6 episodes each, although the end view it is clear that the creators were counting on a significantly larger amount of essential hours.

Ideal (Ideal), 2005-2011

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_6xtPPve6r1s3jAs we imagine a drug dealer? Skinny white guy from the suburbs or the child of the ghetto, or maybe a regular party-goer and frequenter of Bohemia? But no, the real drug dealer is, of course, Mass – the main character of this wonderful series, the life of which we are told over 7 seasons.

What kind of society is this, where honest dealers were persecuted, and the mentally ill are kept in cages?

It so happened that Moss began to sell hashish and marijuana, like he wasn’t going to, but who doesn’t?

All the action takes place solely in the apartment at Mozza where every five minutes someone starts hysterically pounding: for more, then friends, then the police, the local muggers. However, it is craft Mozza, rather, for the second time in the story, and, of course, it’s not just about dealer, but rather, that the world has long ceased to carry honest and sincere people, and if and where they exist, with high probability will be that guys like the protagonist of «Ideal».

How not to live (How Not to Live Your Life), 2007-2011

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2015_RpCOYzmGI0XvFEasier option for the nerves and the mind the series of Dan Clark’s «How not to live», where he plays the main role. Genre: sitcom. In fact, anything immoral in this pleasant sitcom not noticed, but under the theme of modern British comedies it is worth a mention.

The main character’s grandmother died and left him a gorgeous house and… a bunch of unpaid bills. Of course, the series touches upon different topics, and sometimes quite sharp, but it all looks so effortless that all danger is almost invisible. If you just want to relax then this is exactly what you need.

Bastards (Mongrels), 2010-2011

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_V7visVDp69Z4XAt first glance it would seem that the Creator of this creation was by the matter, but after watching one episode, it is unlikely you’ll be able to stop. Us to five main characters and not a single person. Here we see two brothers Fox – coy Nelson and psycho Vince, neutered cat-bonehead of Merion, dog, Destiny, who considers himself the crown of creation, the dove Kali – fighter against human tyranny and other animals that also have their own unique features.

In fact, presents a community of animals just copies of the human hierarchy, and suffers from the same problems that exist in our society. We can easily notice similar types of human beings and learn the characters of their friends.

From the collection of «Freaks» will probably be the most ruthless and tresheva spectacle for the viewer. This will be remembered for a long time and therefore recommended for viewing. Unfortunately, the series lasted 2 seasons, and hopes to continue there.

From the above it follows that the situation on the market of the United Kingdom can not but rejoice. Many years have passed since Comedy of the experiments shown to us in the posh «show of fry and Laurie», but the originality and courage has not disappeared and, apparently, are not going to disappear. However, living such a long series, which is undoubtedly sad.

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