British Georgie Porter

Today you will meet the charming Georgie, who for 26 years have achieved something. Probably one of the main achievements for porter was the role of Theresa McQueen in the soap Opera. This project made the young actress a darling of the British viewers. But before you can achieve such success, of course, Georgie was not an easy way, as it always happens.

Little porter with a childhood, went to ballet school, but not because of any great love for art. Just this girl needed whatever was to get rid of excess weight. And I must admit, she did it. I tried in vain the aspiring actress, after all, in 2011, Georgie was ranked fiftieth place in the list of the hundred sexiest women according to FHM. It’s not a bad result, because after such success on blonde blonde started talking.

Porter is a regular participant of various shows with the stars. Like ours, where popular people are dancing on ice and sloppy singing. We can assume that her life failed and she may well join the ranks of our sexy friends.

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