British fashion in a new collection of Merc

manygoodtips.com_25.05.2015_n7G2Oek8GsiBxPeople are divided into two types: some people think that all English people dress up in a classic three-piece suits from the Victorian era, like old English detective stories, and others heard about foppish fashion of the swinging London era of the 60’s and Carnaby street. But if the classics are always in trend, this season is incredibly relevant to such rock-and-roll fashion.

In the 60s the old England all tried to get rid of naphthalene conservatism in the country and live a much more colourful life, and it so happened that Albion began to dictate fashion throughout the world. This was the era of the most peaceful of intrusion – «British»: the hit parade was led by «the Beatles», «rolling stones» England took his only world Cup, and «generation freedom» protested against the war in Vietnam, becoming part of a movement of «Flower Power» that covered the world. Nice, impregnated with recreational drugs, sexual promiscuity, and blessed is the rock-n-roll era… And of course, every era has its own style in clothes. And in such a «violent» and «violent» historical period fashion could be boring and gray. So, if you love the Kinks, the Animals, Pink Floyd, and Austin powers at the worst or simply looking for a bright, non-standard, but elegant bow, this article is for you. This will help you brand Merc, straight from the 60’s that influenced British rock and pop culture no less than Chuck berry and Lonnie Donegan. Fashion, as we know, is cyclical, and to show the return of Brit-clerical style trends, Merc is involved in the photo shoot are not professional models, and three British musicians from several young groups in London. These images grown on the music of small groups «from the club around the corner», so who does not like musicians are able to convey all the charm of the style?

So, the standard trend for this season will be the Union of traditional British aesthetic and eye-catching modern design elements that add fresh paint in the charming retro bow. The image of London fashionistas at the same time discreet in colors and bright, so will allow you eloquently Express yourself, where you are not there than to not do it. So let’s start to collect the parts of the conceptual this season wardrobe.



In the centre of the collection – the wardrobe item that never goes out of fashion. The beauty and pride of any wardrobe, the Polo shirt is a classic for all time. Any pick – scoundrel all to face. Now the range is wide – from laconic red hues to various geometric ornaments. So what sweet heart, there are no restrictions. Importantly, fit the shoes and pants. By the way, Polo shirts are not made of cheap cotton but from time-tested, fire and water material is «peak», which has nothing to do with a famous football player. But as he is reliable and ensures durability. Fortunately, Polo is always in fashion, so that no single year will have to wear.



What distinguishes English from the other fashion, this elegant form-fitting shirts and jackets. But if the blazers are not all, the shirt you must wear. In the ‘ 60s, the shirt was an essential attribute of any dude, coming off in SOHO and wants to record their fashionable album, like nick Drake. And as everyone tried to be bright and elegant, this collection includes both classic British shirts, striped and extraordinary, psychedelic patterns, like moon. All in the spirit of the time. The main feature is the collar type is «button-down», fastened to the shirt by small buttons that allows you to stylishly pair them with cardigans and V-neck sweaters.

This fitted shirt will become a harmonious background for fashion narrow tie and will look great with classic trousers and shoes and with sneakers. And wear it tucked in or release your own business.



What is a Harrington? For most it is the name of the actor who plays the role of Jon snow in «Game of Thrones». For those who understands fashion, it’s incredibly convenient, and practical windbreaker, has become a cult, just during the «British Invasion». She became a «visiting card» of England, along with football, tea and cabs. It was appreciated by the legendary football hooligans, who made a jacket as its essential attribute, and punks with Clash, in which each second photo – Harrington, and the brothers Gallaghers now and then rush the stage in this handy windbreaker. So the urge to buy. And if you are not impressed by the glorious history and the casual coolness of this attribute, then take her with incredible convenience and practicality.



Parks parks are different. And it’s not about green places to stay, with woodpeckers and treadmills, and comfortable outerwear. If you do not know, than to cover his shirt with cucumber pattern in a cool, typical British weather, take Park. The main thing – to choose a reliable, rubberized and to look stylish. Like for example this: no frills, crazy patterns, but elegantly, concisely, and buttons under the tree. Thank to the Park came in the 64th year after hitting the airwaves frames mass slaughter between the parks dressed in a mod and their sworn friends rockers at a music festival in the framework of the «Bank holidays» in Brighton.

Do not hurry to call the Park «hipster garbage». Hipsters also not stupid, at least not all. How not cool, and it’s very convenient.

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