British artist condemned for the death of the butterflies

The British artist Damien Hirst’s the real problem.

On his installation, presented at Tate Modern from April to September 2012, killed about nine thousand of butterflies.

The installation bore the proud name of In and Out of Love (if, roughly, that «love and beyond»). It was a room without Windows, filled with butterflies in the literal sense, in which were placed dishes of fruit and bowls of water. Visitors walked around the room, where, under all the assurances of the artist, the butterflies lived in conditions close to their natural habitat.

For 400 weeks, most of the butterflies have died a natural death by the expiration date. Others suffered from the visitors. Every week in the Museum was imported 400 tropical butterflies, which in the wild live up to 9 months. Moths, which brought to the exhibition, lived, much less from several hours to several days.

PETA Hurst called them bad names, noting that the butterflies are in a similar situation did not die themselves at the hands of visitors, and at the hands of Hirst personally.

However, the artist is condemned not for the first time. And like all costs: the nihilists, the dude and killer butterflies.

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