Brewery: old age is a joy

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2015_ZxBa2ixeifTkKBeer as a beverage and as a commodity – one of the most unique creations of mankind. And the variety of Beers that we now have an opportunity to buy required the work of many generations of people. This was done all in one day, and some varieties have gone through a thousand years, unchanged in its formula. To whom do we owe the opportunity to read them? No doubt, the guys who had and kept their brewery for centuries.

Maybe become a brewery owner is difficult enough, but judging by the historical facts, it is very durable and reliable. Imagine a brewery that saw the raids of the barbarians, the Golden Horde, and then the Renaissance, world war II, has successfully reached our time and the cheerful feeling in this age, on the same day and same time. The barrels of these institutions are still filled with the wonderful, intoxicating and a cold drink is so important for all men on a hot summer day.

We have collected for you a small list of very old Breweries that now operate, live and make us happy. Though they are not located in our country, but of course, you’ll be able to find their range on the Internet (thank progress!).


1. Weihenstephan

We will start at once with the oldest of the brewery, which is now very much alive.

Weihenstephan is the reference by the representative of the Bavarian beer of the fishery. The brewery itself is in the hands of the German government. But its history began in 1040, when Abbot of the monastery of St. Stephen, Arnold bought the rights to manufacture and sell beer in Freising, which at that time was the capital of Bavaria. This is the first documented time in the history of the brewery Weihenstephan.

In 1930 when the brewery was founded by the Academy of beer, which is a Mecca for brewers around the world. In the Academy has studied many of the leading brewers in the world.


2. Affligem

Not caught up with their German colleagues, the Belgian Affligem brewery, it was founded in 1074. But there are differences, because 1074 year is the date of Foundation of the Abbey of Affligem, the location of which is between Flemish Brabant and East Flanders. But was this year founded the brewery itself? However, the essence does not change. Affligem pozitsioniruet himself as a Trappist brewery that brews or the monks themselves or under strict control of the monks of the Abbey. The point is that Trappist beer has a long history, and the right of awarding the title of «Trappist beer» has only tropiska international organization. Brewery Affligem failed to fall under this definition, that does not negate the coolness of this Abbey beer.

In General, the brewery has been through a lot. During the First world war, the German occupiers even commandeered the monastery is the copper brewing cauldrons. And what to say about the ordeal, which has undergone a monastery in the dark ages, and the annals which have not survived?

Now the brewery produces 120 thousand hectoliters per year, and it certainly gives you the right to call Affligem one of the most famous Belgian Breweries.

3. Fuller’s

British brewery, which has a history of 400 years. First called the «Griffin» and was located in the Western suburbs of London. A typical family business, with their customers and a few sales. But in 1845, the brewery is renamed the Griffin Brewery Fullers, the reason why was John fuller – investment partner of the brewery. The partnership, as it turned out, was very advantageous, because now the Fullers is a famous British brewery, independent of any major concerns and firmly holds in his hands the numerous pubs and hotels. Well, of course, the beer that has won many British and international awards.


4. Grolsch

Dutch brewery, born in 1615 and located in Enschede, just never gets old. Unfortunately, it had lost its original owners. Earlier the production was owned by Willem Neerfeldt, and then it passed to the son-in-law of the founder – Peter Kuiper. Family Kaparov properly managed the brewery for more than two centuries, but in the end it had to sell. Now she owns a giant Corporation Miiller, SAB. It is not without reason, affects the quality of the product, although Crolsh still retains some of its traditions, and thanks to financial investments. this beer will continue to evolve.


5. Guinness

Long thought to insert this drink here. Suddenly seem too prominent, after all, and so know about it, and there are plenty of other Breweries, which nobody guessed, with a much more interesting product. But still, to hell. Let it be Guinness, because we are confident that you like him as well as we do. The company was founded in 1759 year, quite recently, by the standards of many Breweries, but the history of the brewery, even a very unusual and well documented, due to its success.

And here has not done without the priests. The future of the company founder Arthur Guinness worked with his father to the local Archbishop Arthur price. Together they brewed beer in the basement of the house price. But when his father died, Arthur Guinness has a legacy of 200 pounds. And it is from this money began the same Guinness. To pair with his brother was rented a brewery, and the business took off.

To put her amazing story is not enough for a whole book. In a time when light lagers occupied all possible niches beer, Guinness continues to work hard to produce stouts that are very happy. Although initially the production consisted of porters. But until the second half of the twentieth century the power over a large Corporation for the first time outside of the family of Ginnessa. How the story will develop further, nobody knows. While the company kept steadily, and its influence on the culture is undeniable. Unfortunately, in Russia the world has not caught on. The reason for this can be because of several factors: the finished wort, used to make the stout in Russia, but also incredibly overpriced.

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