Breath of youth from Kurt Cobain

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2014_Vl9oGte6MmxocYes, that’s about it. Donald Cobain now knows every dog. And you must have heard about the work of the created group, we call it Nirvana. But what about «Smells Like Teen Spirit»? After all, you probably had listened to this iconic song. We don’t tell you about where he was born, about his childhood, we won’t talk about his family problems with his mother and so on. «I’m not going to say a word about their plight,» said Cobain in an interview. Here we will follow his example. Important to us himself Kurt, his creativity and we may recall (spoiler alert) the reasons for his death.

This lunkhead blew all others, beginning in adolescence. And, Yes, the use of illegal substances entertainment started around the same time. But what the hell is the difference? No matter what takes a really talented person. Especially if it gives pleasure to the audience and causes them to sink into Nirvana.

Kurt was the Creator of the legendary group, which was repeatedly renamed. And all because Cobain couldn’t find exactly a pleasant sound, which will reflect the status of the group members while creating new masterpieces. Finally the choice was to Nirvana. It was a daring eighties, Kurt with Nirvana rocked as he could. And here soon there’s an army of fans, but only after the release of their second album «Nevermind». And what was the disappointment of the soloist of the group, because a hit for many years was the song «Smells Like Teen Spirit», not «Lithium». To break this composition was counting Kurt. Unfortunately the author from the stigma of the wind youth it was impossible to get rid of. Yes, what can I say, it Nirvana is not disposed of so far.

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2014_6P4BuOFGMVO1MBy the way, did you know that there is a festival in honor of the birthday of our today’s hero «Kurt Cobain Birthday Fest»? The participants certainly do not reach the level of Nirvana, but the music seems to fit there too.

And here at Nirvana with creativity almost always it was at the height. After the release of their second album, the singles group didn’t let up with the Top lines on the radio and Cobain were being sucked from different versions in order to lure an interview. In one of them he says that can afford not only a very expensive model of guitar, because he’s a Lefty and it’s hard to find something suitable. As Kurt said in his favorites «Fender Mustang», and the question «Why?» he replied: «They are cheap and absolutely «wooden». Sound like shit. And small. And in addition, keep a good system. To lower or raise the strings need not once to turn the bolts on the «machine». Whoever invented this tool, he’s a fool.». This is all Kurt. Or Not?

However, meetings with the press Cobain were not easy. The feeling that his whole life in sight of any passerby can dig in it, as in the plate of spaghetti, do not let him. At some point he realized that no matter what he does and how he tries, everyone still does not please. He wasn’t trying to please everyone. The important thing is that next to him was a faithful companion and beloved daughter, whom he loved to feed himself macaroni and cheese. must have heard about the incredible love story of Donald Cobain and Courtney Love. And for those who do not know, Yes, this is a really interesting story. They together went through a lot. After the birth of the long-awaited daughter Courtney began to blame the fact that she deliberately used drugs during pregnancy, and all because in an interview, Courtney Love said about the heroine and she said she took it before she became aware of the pregnancy. The journalist who interviewed turned her words and refused to publish a retraction. Pretty sad and an exciting start for a young family.

After the successful birth of her daughter Kurt again had a ball. Problems of interaction with the press was an excuse for such behavior. «I don’t regret that I spent so much time. I wish I did drugs, but I really needed a break and time to get my thoughts in order,» — said the soloist of the cult of Nirvana.

We said that you could say something about the cause of death of the soloist, but versions of his death really not enough. There is even an unofficial version of the involvement of his wife Courtney Love. It is precisely known only that the body was found Cobain came an electrician. And it was obvious gunshot wound amid pools of blood and guns. The official version is, of course, suicide, but everyone has the right to think differently, and can determine for themselves the possible reasons for the death of Kurt Donald Cobain.

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