Breaking news: alcohol speeds up your metabolism


Dude, the pundits never cease to amaze us. Seriously, the current discovery can extremely impress supporters of a healthy lifestyle and those who just attends the gym. The fact is that alcohol speeds up the metabolism, and it used to be that in large doses it is harmful. And here on you, such a setup right for the New year.

How did they find out? For a start I will tell you who set this strange phenomenon. University of health and science of Oregon (Oregon Health & Science University). For the experiment selected 12 monkeys because their immune system is most similar to human. They were divided into two groups: one was given alcoholic beverages (to 4 degrees) and the second is just sugar water. Oh yeah, I forgot: all monkeys injected a small amount of smallpox virus. To feed and water the monkeys to forget: let the scientists injecting them with lethal injection, and solder with alcohol, they’re not sadists — do not feed the monkeys?

The immune system drinking monkeys markedly increased in comparison with the immunity of their girlfriends-it’s temperance. What conclusion can we draw from this situation? Scientists still no not done, just published the data. But personally, I think the answer is obvious: you need to drink in moderation. We often write that beer is evil, it readers growing belly and Tits, but they completely forget that they themselves are to blame — I didn’t measure. The measure is important in everything, remember this: New year is near!

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