Breakfast Sandwich Maker machine, which will cook you Breakfast

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The girls, of course, a lot of advantages: for example, they cook us Breakfast. But if for some reason you don’t want to stay with one girl for a long time, or perhaps she’s a bad cook, or do you just have a lady who would take care of you, it’s time to buy a thing we’ll show. Before you Breakfast Sandwich Maker machine, which will make you Breakfast in just 5 minutes, while you wash in the shower.

Device can make you some eggs, hamburger, roast, for example, potatoes, bacon and biscuits. Usually this is enough for a full Breakfast. By the way, scrambled eggs can be put directly into your prepared sandwich, or to push the cell with a ready meal and put its contents on a plate. If you for some reason delayed getting dressed or going to work, do not worry — the device keeps the food hot for some time.

Every part of the machine can be washed manually and using dishwasher. Problems with overcooking food also no. The gadget costs just $ 30, pays for itself almost immediately.

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