Break an expensive car and smash it completely

Maserati Destroyed1486954668

So, wealthy people have their quirks. This Chinese man whose name we do not know, bought the Maserati Quattroporte isquite beautiful. Dude had people like van.

The purchase was made six months ago, but later the owner of the beautiful car found that its engine does not want to run. Frustrated, he turned to the Lamborghini dealer in Qingdao, the car was taken to guarantee and after some time brought back, the engine never worked, but it’s not so bad: the bumper and the chassis of the car was damaged during transportation. Furious is not a joke, the Chinese tried again to complain to the dealer but there was no answer, he went above to the representative in China of Lamborghini, Stefan Winkelmann, but it was useless.

Maserati Destroyed0070508066

So my husband hired four Chinese, gave them a hammer and money, delivered together with the machine to the salon, where I bought the car, and asked to break an expensive car in protest. What else remains, if it is useless and not going? Dude, it’s a great job. And we personally think that more poor Chinese some crazy not-the love of wealthy Chinese. Too.

It is worth noting that in 2011, China was the absolutely identical case, only the car was a Lamborghini Gallardo, and the dudes had six.

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