Brad pitt broke at the premiere of «Maleficent»

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2014_MndYmdBrLDhyOIn the Hollywood world premiere of the much anticipated «Maleficent», the main female role in which takes the Angelina Jolie — you must have seen her sharp cheekbones on the posters of the film. Clear where Jolie, there with brad pitt, her husband. At the premiere of «Maleficent,» he was signing autographs, when suddenly an unknown man jumped over the fence and hit the actor in the face. The attacker, of course, was immediately arrested, and pitt was not seriously hurt.

Details are still not known, the husband has not yet been interrogated. Now the police finds out, whether his actions are intentional. Most likely, the weapon when the man himself had.

«Maleficent» is loosely based on the tales of Sleeping beauty, the main difference is that the story is on behalf of an evil witch, whose role is played by Angelina Jolie. Also the picture is notable for the fact that it played the debut role of one of the daughters of Jolie and pitt Vivienne Marcelin. In Russia will start screening from may 29 — on the screens of the ribbon can be seen today.

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