BOTTLEJAK — hi-tech opener, 2.07.2013, cdKlqKNDafVRSB4lxyIVb7I6wrKzpW8Y

Strange stuff, man, but when I last Saturday I decided to take a hypermarket when the glass to drink while I get out and go home, I felt why bro so you need to carry a can opener or multitool. And stripped virtually all corners on the way home, until I found more or less good surface for opening. As with the opener it would have been much easier.

Today we bring you another strange opener, you can buy almost any foreign online store. It is called BOTTLEJAK and represents something like strange squiggles. This joke, by the way, is not only easy to carry with you, but can reduce the number of items you have in the kitchen, because it combines a convenient corkscrew and bottle opener. At one end BOTTLEJAK corkscrew, a bottle opener. Convenient. Spent the opener in the United States, and its manufacture is actively used aluminium and stainless steel.

Only here is frankly expensive — $ 42., 2.07.2013, tYAHxfYDXdduWVdBMhrmqlHly22BHXfS, 2.07.2013, UdebeLWKnoURdPcUdEgQBIzZgwm4hs52

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