Boss or not boss

manygoodtips.com_18.06.2014_QUV2m66bFzf4xWe fully support your desire to start their own business. The only question is whether you are ready to become your own boss? Don’t underestimate the importance of this decision: when you leave the hated work on the uncle» and become his own boss and his own subordinates, your life will change dramatically. And before you jump in the pool business, you should know what you should do and what to pay attention to.

1. Spend «family Council»

No matter how old you are and you live with your mom, girlfriend, wife, or cat. In this world of people whose lives would be so isolated from the outside world that their important career decision would not be moved by anyone except themselves. Be sure to talk about your idea to start their own business with those who are somehow involved in and/or dependent on their financial Affairs.

And most importantly, not to run into negativity about the lack of feedback from business during the first months of its existence, be sure to discuss with loved ones the mechanism of your case. How, to what extent and after a while you expect to profit. Your family needs to understand what they will encounter.

2. Analyze your financial situation

No, the analysis should not include trivial counting money in your wallet. Before you quit your job and buy a franchise, calculate the investment required of your business in addition to the actual cost to the franchise, which force majeure may arise, what is the probability of their occurrence, and what resources would be required to address them. In addition, don’t forget to subtract from the available money you have, the amount that you need for life in the first, stranded the existence of the enterprise and the amount of your debt to the Bank loans.

Finance is a difficult thing. In order not to get lost in the calculations, it is necessary thoroughly to bother yourself or seek help from an expert financial Advisor. Anyway, don’t hurry with this case — it will be worse.

3. Know thyself

Before getting involved in such a serious enterprise as the creation of their business, it would be nice to know your real «I». Seriously, figure out what you want out of life and specifically of this case, analyze your skills (maybe work to do, and something all will have to learn from scratch), mark their dignity and severely strip the disadvantages. Think about which personal qualities will be useful in your case and you would like to use. In choosing the nature of the case do not rely on the opinions or suggestions of sites that sell franchises.

Remember that you have to devote to this business all his time and effort, so to come to its choice very seriously.

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