Born to be a slave

born to be a slaveHave you noticed how often people ask someone else’s opinion? This is not necessarily related to post Facebook and Instagram photos when anything is measured by the number of comments and likes. This is only one aspect of the problem. It also has other manifestations. For example, to eat the same thing lunch the boss. Ask friends should break up with a girl. To ask a girlfriend how to react when your potential future girlfriend sending you an intricate text, which is clearly a hint, but you don’t know what. These are all different manifestations of the same problem — depending on other people’s opinions.

That the peasants and the monkey

Every day I notice more and more people living under the pressure of public opinion, the approval of friends and the advice of other people. They constantly follow other people’s advice, consider other people’s opinions and can’t live without it. As though left alone they will die and not be able to move — like the caring hands of friends, family, and some «of Marya Aleksevna» keep them on the surface of the water, and if those hands suddenly fall, man will immediately go to the bottom.

Very easy to get and continue to follow the trend. Very easy nothing to stand out and constantly wait for instructions, living under someone else’s supervision. By the way, are you sure that you live?

We all know the type of person who lives other people’s lives. It’s boring, if it does nothing of its own, and the most exciting part of his day to listen to the story about the adventures of his friend, sitting somewhere in a comfortable place and drinking coffee. He not gets out of the house even on weekends, and spends the holidays in the country or in the nearest regional motels, not even worrying about how to make their passport. This guy is easy to learn, but for people buried under someone else’s influence, is difficult.

His life is built around others ‘ benefits. And the worst thing is this, you know what? What he doesn’t realize this.

Reaction vs Creation

The path of least resistance is always easy. No important decisions, no creativity in relation to his life. Perhaps it is our default behaviour is to live unconsciously reacting to life circumstances. Regulate their conduct depending on the circumstances. And someone else’s opinion — what is your circumstance?

To react to it — it means to be a follower. To follow something. To obey the norm. To follow the advice. To meet the expectations. It means to choose what life throws at you, and allow others to dictate the terms.

To create is to lead. Choose what you want to do. What you want to realize. Wherever you want to go.

The crown belongs to you

You just need to put them on. In the moment when you decide to think for yourself and make up your own mind, you free yourself from the shackles of the opinions of others. You have to decide what you want, and then relentlessly stick to your plan. Don’t fall for the trap and do not obey the expectations of society (the path of least resistance).

Beauty is built on the creation of life that you will begin to attract other people. Sheep intuitively recognizes the shepherd and comes to him for advice. Looking for her approval. Follow him.

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