Boris Grebenshchikov, or simply BG

    Gautama Buddha Russian years, is recognized as incompetent in the USA and elevated to the rank of legend in his homeland. Although one of the reputable online magazine, said that «in Russia two troubles – Boris Grebenshikov and cookies «Jubilee»». Probably because he, according to him, one of the few in Russia who are living right, and anyway, it’s all good. Or maybe they just don’t like «monotonous bleating old goateed fella» as said a friend of mine? In any case, BG is a fact. BG is a brand, a box office, it did not tell me the legend, and it is very interesting to listen to. So let’s talk about the person.

    There is no point razmusolivat his musical career. Have done this long ago those 3 music critics, who almost monopolized the stories about Russian rock. Each member of the group «Aquarium» released in the book of memories even BG’s mom published a book «My son BG». Writing about creativity Grebenshchikova only with the permission of the perpetrator identities, and, moreover, it will take more than one article too there is a lot involved. We only say that it was, is and remains a very deep group with his philosophy and very beautiful music. And the leader of the sect divine motives was and still is Grebenshchikov.

    Through the glass the environment of the Aquarium were Mike Naumenko, Sergey Kuryokhin, Edmund shklyarskiy, verhoogde for years VIA «picnic». Passed – does not mean that their talents were polished with the abrasive surface of the band. On the contrary, one is not long delayed, everyone went their separate ways, that does not detract from the merits of the team. 72-year they taught us to folk-rock and beautiful lute music of Francesco di Milano, which formed the basis for the legendary «City.» Although the team managed to write quite a variety of music, from the ironic «an old Man Kozlodoev» that «old, he has to go to the toilet,» desperate hymn highly intelligent and not very alcoholics «everybody says that drinking is not» deeply lyrical «Star Adelaide» and desperate and not everyone understood the «Rock-n-roll is dead.» Although BG is right, as ever, rock-n-roll is really dead, and he was still there.

    This diversity of creativity is clearly at hand any team. One can find in the «aquarium» melodies and rhythms of their own, perhaps that is why so many people consider BG «handsome» and not skimp on the praise. All early work BG – this is extreme, ranging from very simple motifs to complex and too not all is clear. In General, surprising and make us think the team could. Perhaps that is why the Director Solovyov used his songs in his films «AssA» and «Black rose – an emblem of sorrow…» And with that they accustomed the people to the cello, the bassoon and the flute is not worse than «Radio «Orpheus»» and without the influence of the «Aquarium» would not be such a large number of folk groups in the vastness of our land. Searches and appeals to religion also became a feature of the gang that many people are afraid to repeat.

    I was to have a closer look at creativity. Though a little, but to talk about it. I must say that now BG is in fine creative form, and in his songs there is a place and protest and a kind of irony, and intelligent aggression, instructive calls for good and bright.

    And from a professional point of view, the quality of music has only grown, especially as he managed to attract guitarists Noel Gallagher. In the song «love in the time of war,» the flute played by the legendary Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, the man who showed us all how the Baroque can be combined with a great year. In the song, «the Feast of harvest in the Palace of labor» has been playing the guitar David Hidalgo from the band Los Lobos.

    By the way, during the American voyage BG met and even became friends with such «titans» of the year as Lou reed, Iggy Pop, David Bowie. Maybe someday we will hear the familiar baritone of two great musicians, intertwining with the familiar childhood murmur.

    What is most interesting, people were drawn and will be attracted to the «enlightened one». Because we Have always loved people with his clear position, even if she realized something. And the Messier, the better. The main thing – to have a keen mind and oratorical skills, and then music, how great she would not, will recede into the background. Maybe that was the cold calculation of the Maestro. After all, the education of our hero mathematician calculations – his strong point, and in any case not enter into a confrontation with spiritual knowledge.

    Perhaps Now with Grebenshikov became clearer. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone, he is not involved in political hysterics, justifying a fellow Guild Makarevich said: «Andrew must be saved». He read out the Vedas and mantras, sings songs about the world, and on the wings of self-discovery goes straight to the open window and flies to the edge of Nirvana. Difficult art is not to annoy the powers that be, to take the middle position. Some would call it a slippery character, and someone smart enough not to attach any importance to this. In life there are things more important, and judge the nature of the BG side is just as thankless as trying to bring him out of himself during the interview. Here he is cold-blooded, ironic and always witty. This is undoubtedly a very clever man, and the fact that many proponents of meditation have described it as offensive to this circle the word «prosvetlenie» purely personal opinion, incomprehensible to us, simple hard workers, pray that the exchange rate did not ascend to Alpine heights. Apparently, the meditating Buddhists, were sitting in the aisles at his concerts very much. Pensioners, by the way, too. And the BG I like the song favorite of our editorial offices VIA «H. S.» «I wish help came,» which he always performs at his concerts.

    I’m afraid that we do reflect what is happening around us, unwittingly. If I had my way, I would have recorded other things, but it’s not up to me. I write not what you want, and what I’m doing.By the way, the BG doesn’t understand when they call him a man who «sits on the cloud». At this time to sit will fail.

    I don’t know what PR genius came up with this image; but it bears little resemblance to the truth. It is impossible to live in society and to ignore it.Although, what really, BG himself created such an image. Apparently, not in vain Artemy Troitsky called BG «the world champion of deceit.» However, this was said in the context of the political position of the musician. Trinity only to those involved that DAMPS the inertia of his old comrades and calls them almost to go to the barricades.

    Politics interests me less, than agriculture of Guatemala of the XIV century. In particular, due to the fact that I can’t affect this policy.Although some saw in the album «Salt» is something an anti-political, Maestro immediately corrected: this is a personal song, inspired by sorrowful events, not so distant.

    In the 61 years of his earthly life Grebenshchikov has shown that human is alien to him. This summer he stood up for the store from Ulyanovsk, which demanded 100,000 rubles for goods sold in duty. «These people kept the land,» said Boris. But even after he opened the unpleasant fact that the saleswoman just stole home products, BG is not turned away. But it is much harder to preserve the nobility and stand up, if we are talking about a man sinful and guilty.

    Physically can’t watch TV: hate when I so foolishly lie to your face.Actually, let’s keep politics and BG. Probably the only thing that this policy relates, «campaign» rock musicians to Surkov, where the question of what quantity and quality should be presented in the media space rock music. Since then, Grebenshchikov leads the author’s program «the Balloon» to «Radio Russia», introduces students to the extraordinary performers.

    Perhaps not in Russian musical culture of the person, more contradictory in terms of their attitude to religion. On the other hand, the contradiction is in the eye of the beholder. On religious affiliation Grebenshchikov stated many times and openly, but no one still did not understand. It is well known craze BG Buddhism and Eastern mysticism. Grebenshchikov one time called himself a disciple of Lama OLE Nydahl, it is also known that he visited the Ashram of SAI Baba. In 2006 Grebenshchikov in Malaysia met the famous Indian guru Sri Chinmoy, who gave the musician the name purusottama, which translated from Sanskrit means «beyond limits». In early 2011, Boris Grebenshchikov was called «unorthodox» and accused of «makeshift court,» the Missionary Department of the Tula Diocese in the occult and ecumenism. However, for the BG I join other representatives of the Orthodox Church, and the renunciation of the Church did not happen. PR is needed for any organization. However, the speculations, accusations Grebenshchikov in sectarianism continues. And the direct question whether he «votserkvlennym» man, he replied:

    I don’t know what the word means. There is Christianity, there is a heavenly Church, to her I belong with all my heart with love. Heavenly Church from the earthly to be confused a little bit dangerous. I have said many times to people that this error did – and very burned. To judge at all dangerous, the Scripture says: «judge Not, that ye be not judged» – so no matter what scandals occurred around the Church, the scandals are one thing, but Church is another. I would like to live in a way that I could be called a Christian; but when fully belong to God, all names become unnecessary. There is a God. God is one for all. And since apart from God there is nothing about what names can be discussed?Sin will not remember BG as a writer. Except the lyrics, which are presented as separate poems, Grebenshchikov wrote prose as well. Today has published the novel «the Forest» and the story «Ivan and Danilo». In addition, BG was one of the initiators of the collection of prose «the Book for which United writers, to unite which it is impossible». And he painstaking, single and co-authored and translated several Hindu and Buddhist books.

    So we finished the turbulent story of a stylish man with a guitar and beard floating out of time. Why timeless? Yes, because it evokes emotions in people of all ages. About it is very difficult to say, it is much easier to discuss the music of «Aquarium» because, for all the complacency Grebenshchikov careful and not let on permitted boundaries.

    Treat him as you want, but in the end please listen to his mantra that attracts wealth, relieve the crown of celibacy and adds 100 HP to luck.

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