Bookworm: how to understand, what are you addicted to reading books


This topic prompted me not a marathon of books last week, and the picture with Homer and Lisa. It is not strange, but the books can be addictive. As if I didn’t say that it is a wonderful disease, «mom, your son is perfectly sick,» sometimes it can reach up to very disturbing trends. This is sometimes expressed in a rather vile book snobbery, and sometimes people well so sits on the books, slightly losing touch with reality. Any extreme, no doubt threat. But anyway, reading books, approaching to the extreme might look very cool.

When was the last time you read the book? I don’t mean «flipped through» or looked and threw over a hundred pages. Namely, I finished the book, and you even liked it? When it came to pass that the book was literally read to tatters? When a paper book hesitated and it was gone unshared pages? When you reread your favorite moments? Unfortunately, reading in recent times with the advent of television was not very popular. However, as something is widely popular it was not, I think, 50 years. Here is the popularity of some tabloid reading was always undeniable. It is enough to see that people in public transport reading.

Those who were able to master the art of reading, can understand what it’s really like no other experience. He is different from watching movies, TV series, listening to music, viewing pictures and playing games. At least to get a new unusual experience is to learn to read and have some fun. I’m not going to write all these propaganda are words about the need to read and about the inferiority of those people who with some disgusted looks towards the bookshelves. Although if they do, then they are certainly flawed. If there is one available, cheap and relatively easy way to get the experience of looking at the world and just have a good time, why not use it?

But back to those who are addicted to reading. Praise to these guys! But this article wouldn’t exist if there were no people who read books and pretend to read them to seem so smart. For comrades who have taste for books; for those who think that reading it somehow elevates; for those who don’t want to read and for those who are heavily addicted to reading. This article is for you.

How to understand that you’re addicted to reading books

If you have more than half this list, probably, all bad and you need to socialize. Then, of course, immediately to back to books, because books are better than people.

1. Afraid you are sad when you finish the book

You get used to the characters, to the events and partially into the surrounding really. When the book ends, you feel anxiety and sadness because you think that it ended well. When this happens with EVERY book you read, not just good, it’s somehow not normal.

2. Do you think that reading only makes sense books

Yes, I have such good friend Nadia. It does not read magazines and online articles. Only books. Perhaps this is a manifestation of a perverted form of book snobbery? Even does not want to read.

3. You want to talk with someone about what you read

The book left a strong impression, and very good. But we humans are social creatures, so share with someone their observations is very important for us. The book has made an impression on you? You might want to talk to someone about this. This man does not even have to be your friend, even a work colleague you can talk about it. But if you’re Aki those strange people who go from house to house with the Bible wants to tell us about EACH of ahrenenno a book, it’s not very good.

4. You go under the impression a few days

The last time a serious impression on me the story «I Have no mouth but I must scream.» I did a few days spent in a strange an oppressive state, from itself did not expect. Now, if you, with all intellectual activity produced only books, it’s just wrong, isn’t it?

5. You read the same book more than twice

Sometimes you read that steadily every year, and sometimes more often.

6. Do you recommend a book everywhere, every

You write in forums, write in Advisory services laudatory odes, brag to friends and almost getting in a single picket to advertise their favourite book that changed you world.

7. You constantly carry a book or e-book

You never lay out of a backpack or bag and always have to use. And when it is not, you naturally break, and you think that surely you could now a long time have a good time and read and read.

8. If you read the books, you have a special day for knyhospilka

You go to book stalls, in shops, in the transitions or to book fairs to find myself something to read. If you know where to find a complete collection of Jack London papers Schoolgirls for cheap and actively sharing books, your book addiction is strong, although personally I don’t see what’s wrong here. But you know what’s bad? When you have shelves groaning with books, but you haven’t bought a refrigerator, so meat and milk are stored in your bathroom. If anything, I’m not kidding, my good friend Serge, who collects antiquities, records and books, just like this dude.

9. You’re prone to quoting

I absolutely love the quote, but there are dudes who not only read books, but know them almost by heart. Serge knows, in my opinion, all songs of Vertinsky and poems Gumilev. Frequent citation of it scares.

10. You watched all the versions of the films your favorite books

If you didn’t like it, it’s bad. If you found interesting the author’s view of the book and realized that everyone in the book can see something of their own.

11. You have your own reading list for school literature

And existing think you full of shit.

12. If you have a favorite writer you’ve read all of his works

I, for instance, there is no such. LEM I have not read all Pratchett too, other writers too, not so much.

13. You get angry when your friends don’t start to read immediately

As they can pull, it’s such a fucking owner!

14. Do you have a bookshelf, favorite books are in a certain order

Most often in plain sight.

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