Bookworm DomeCandy Lab — Boombox for intellectual


You probably remember a time when the street went dudes with portable tape recorders, which they carefully carried on the shoulder? It was considered so great a gesture that was hard to imagine something more cool. However, the fashion for boomboxes to us did not come. It’s probably for the best.

I think that the intelligent bookworms, there is a Boombox, for example, to elegantly walk through the city and at full volume to listen to Bach or Vertinsky. Of course, the Boombox also need a special, you might say, attractive. So we you, comrade intellectual, or just a fan of unusual stylish pieces to-night I advise you to buy yourself a Bookworm DomeCandy Lab

The device is covered with an antiqued stylish leather on the vintage. Leather, by the way, is real. 3.5 mm Jack helps you listen to music on a conventional stereo system. The device will fit to any interior and will decorate it.

The device has a power amplifier 50 watt class D. the Charging is carried out both through the battery and through the AC network.

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