Books that will open your eyes to everyday things

Life is not a box of chocolates with unknown filling. What a bullshit, when you’re buying candy — you know what’s inside, in the end, the filling can be identified by appearance. Life is the totality of things, clear and mysterious, which determine our actions, behavior and health. About the most we don’t know anything or very little. We are not even aware of the importance of these things. It, by the way is about living, non-living and material, that is about all.

But there are people who tried to understand the nature of things, organisms and phenomena. Forgetting about rest, family and well-fed life, day and night they sat over the papers, and that’s what acarpelous in the end.

1. «Information. History. Theory. Stream» James Glick


A must-have for those who are interested in information for all its rich background. Even if you are an expert, every day obvalyali information in the crumbs of someone’s interests, and obzharivayutsya it in the oil of social thought, this bestselling book will still open your eyes to such a simple and difficult thing as information. Info — she’s everywhere, because it is difficult to feel, to touch. Therefore, the author has turned out an erudite text about all at once, in the context of the information.

Interestingly, as written in the book. Glick takes the theory, generously fertilizes it dozens of historical facts, and presents it in an entertaining manner. It turns out not always successfully, and sometimes just boring, that does not detract from the value of the book.

However, Glick was more worried about what we can do with the information. In each Chapter of the story revolves around a mastery of the mighty forces of information, and in the end the author brings a logical pattern — that means information for humanity.

2. «Encyclopedia Pathologica Is: Medicina» Nikita Zhukov


Modern medical nauchpop resolutely fails to be good. He, poor man, torn between two extremes: dry and unintelligible rich in terms of the text; vulgarity, which imbitsily the authors claim the discovery of something new, ukreplyayut in the text to make it interesting. So far, the only useful medical book which somehow could help in life was an old and very heavy «encyclopedia of gynecological diseases.» It helped a little to understand women. And then there was this book, cocky, arrogant, very controversial and very mixed, but damn it, she is the very simple medical reading, which will be understandable to the layman. Here in the eccentric manner will tell about modern medicine, about our illnesses, modern medicine and the human body.

Who would dare such a thing? A young neurologist from St. Petersburg, Nikita Zhukov, the author of «Encyclopatia», which is visited by more than 100,000 people a day. Therefore, the book is full of bold statements, Internet slang and disguised the Mat. In General, all that you love, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here.

As we know, the symbol of medicine is the snake and bowl. Apparently, the poison of this snake went into a «Medicine», because Zhukov criticizes the traditional errors that contradict science says, what medications outright bullshit, over time, excessive irony. After that, it becomes very sorry. Not the doctors, feel sorry for myself.

And doctors with experience and discuss the status of busy as a bull immediately after castration, the passages and statements Zhukov. Some praise, as the grandmother of the Soviet Union, others condemn as insane pokemon, the important thing is that nobody was left unmoved.

3. «Planet of viruses» by Carl Zimmer


A kind of essay on the topic of who is the primary on our planet. Yes, it’s not people, it’s not even micro -and nanoworld, protein + genetic material DNA or RNA. Actually, there are no tedious descriptions will not only fanatical, accessible and witty narrative. Tell will, of course about viruses: their discovery, their unique ability to adapt to the environment, about what to drink «cold remedy» for the flu is useless, about HIV and about how this microscopic vermin can «mow» the entire planet.

Despite the banal title, the book is very interesting and unpredictable. But its main benefit is that even after being reflected humanist, whose biology was to assess minus 5, every line, every word and every explanation become clear. How was it possible to write a book about such complicated things so understandable language — a big mystery. We can only rejoice that such a book is.

But be careful before you read it. After understanding the viral power may develop depression, because even tarabanya your fingers on the keys, you put yourself at risk.

4. «Paper. Fragile and eternal material», Ian Sens

We prokakal bark, we prokakal parchment, and now we are strained, with great care prokativaet paper. It is everywhere, it is everywhere, not only as a carrier of information, but modern technology is slowly but surely replacing the thing that has affected humanity no less than the Gutenberg press, the wheel, and pornography.

Paper — an instrument of propaganda, war and education. Its not like environmentalists, but how would they have learned to distant 60-70, if not paper books? Even after this reading this book in electronic format awkward.

In fact, this book just can find all the information about the book. Literally, the whole. This number of references is not, perhaps, anywhere. There are sections devoted to bibliophiles and cartographers, the history of printing and paper money for Board games, origami and such delicate matters as napkins, toilet paper. The history of materials is a convenient way to look at civilization and see its strengths and weaknesses, to admire the ingenuity and find a way to scold for excessive speed at which she’s saying goodbye to something nice, and necessary at the same time. After reading involuntarily imbued with respect for this rustling of the pulp and the devil, but only if you are not afraid of encyclopedic books.

5. «From ritual to record. The nature of modern sports», Allen Guttmann


The book was written already in 1978, has been recognized many times a bestseller, and its author was raised almost to the rank of genius. But for obvious reasons, its publication in Russia had to wait too long. It bothered to translate and publish recently. Well, less relevant and interesting the book became.

The author explains how the sport has kept for millennia, the traits of a secular religion, with the new power are manifested today. For Gutmann sport is a tool that allows you to take a fresh look at the fundamental basis of society. To make it clearer, here is a quote:

Clerics now concerned about the establishment of harmony of modern sport and the Christian doctrine. So, at the Cathedral of St. John the divine in new York was installed a stained glass window depicting baseball and other modern sports. The fellowship of Christian athletes insists that the harsh nature of football, basketball and hockey fermented gospel of Jesus, and popular songs of the 1970s years, the singer imploring in the chorus that Jesus drove him one blow in the gate of eternal life.»

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