Books that are recommended by gates

manygoodtips.com_19.11.2014_q0gjUJWrGL4BQWell, of course you know who the old man gates. Incredibly, just filthy rich old man gates. It can be treated differently, but it does not negate the fact that you have any side to treat him. And, most of all, he takes the beggars on the steps as much as you make in a month. To understand gates you have to think like gates. Well, or at least to take note of the books he said and blessed with praise.

1. «Business adventures» by John Brooks


To become successful, you need to understand why success in leading professionals and why fail. This book will help you to learn from the mistakes of others, and more specifically, on the errors of its author – the leading journalist and editor of the regular column in «the new Yorker» — John Brookes. «Business adventures» is written in easy language, humor, efficiently and usefully. When this book drew the attention of gates, the author has gained an enormous popularity and now announces a new book with surprising frequency. Well, millionaire is so like the book, it is specifically recorded videoretsenziyu on her.

«This book was recommended by Warren Buffett. This collection of articles from the newspaper «the new Yorker», which, at first glance, have little in common with modern business. Yes, things have changed, but the fundamentals remain.»

2. «To work, dancing tap dancing», Carol Loomis


Gates is friends with Buffett and Buffett is friends with Carol Loomis, editor-in-chief of Fortune magazine. These two wrote a great business book that has a tremendous success in the States. Good advice Buffett and wise thoughts financial journalist Loomis inspired by the achievements of hundreds of young entrepreneurs.

«I think that every reader after reading get at least two benefits: first, Warren’s been incredibly consistent in his vision and investment principles, which he applied throughout his long and successful career; second, its understanding and analysis of business and current financial market is unprecedented.»

3. «Send money to…», Peter Buffett


The author is the son of Warren Buffett. Contrary to expectations, the child went to his father’s footsteps: career of the eminent investor and financier he wasn’t attracted to. Buffett Jr. began his career as a musician, collaborated with MTV and his work has been featured in several music awards. Peter is actively involved in charity work, he achieved success as a composer, and in between managed to write a book about how important it is to follow my heart and soul, not paying attention to the conventions and the opinions of others, sometimes even the people close to you. Bill gates said he would read it with their adult children.

«You don’t have to be a child of a rich man, to enjoy life and spend the allotted time wisely.»

4. «Where good ideas come from», Steven Johnson


The author of this book, a popular American writer and journalist Steven Johnson, talks about how important to the birth of the brilliant ideas of appropriate soil and nutrient medium to fully realize the existing potential. And it is about how to create such ideal conditions, and it is written in this book. Practical tips, illustrated with examples which are attached.

«This book is especially good for any representative of a creative profession for those who work in education.»

5. «Walking under the moon with Einstein: the art and science of remember everything» Joshua Foer


It is unlikely you will be able to reach certain heights, if your memory is in texture like a sieve. This book can teach you how to memorize obscure but useful facts, names, dates and numbers. The author draws on cutting-edge research and a wealth of experience leading psychotherapists, neurologists and shares with you valuable practical advice.

«Like most people, I’m fascinated by how our mind and memory. Part of the beauty of this book is simple and accessible language, which she explains these mysteries of the human body.»

6. «Deng Xiaoping and the transformation of China», Ezra F. Vogel


The book tells about the life and the reform of the Chinese politician and reformer, leader of the Communist party of China. Deng never held the post of head of the country, but in fact was in charge from the late 1970s until the early 1990s, Researchers and historians agree that he lifted China out of poverty and turned the country into an economic superpower.

«Thanks to the economic reforms imposed by Deng Xiaoping, the standard of living of millions of people has improved significantly. China was able to extract the maximum benefits from the existing system of health, education and agriculture, improving every sector of innovative technologies. In fact, major changes have experienced only one generation – a remarkable achievement, unique in world history.»

7. «The most powerful idea in the world» by William Rosen


The book tells about the times of the industrial revolution, the railroad, steam engines and those who work in this industry.

«The history of the development of the industry resonates with the real life stories of ordinary people, again showing that the little man is able to create something really big.»

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