Bond, the robot that writes letters with beautiful handwriting

manygoodtips.com_26.01.2015_OCalgN6EXbp0dNo matter how ubiquitous emails and texts, classical handwritten notes remain the gold standard when it comes to vysokotarifitsirovannyh communication. But who has the time to hand-write letters, wishes, greetings or thanks? And take your sloppy handwriting is only one Association – runs on the road ‘ bull… And it is time to pull the plug on this venture, but the company Bond Gifts from new York offers us an original and ultra-modern way out of the situation.

New robot «bond» is able to copy a person’s handwriting to write any text by hand, you will find yourself in this edifice directly from your smartphone or computer. Ink pen, dear paper, calligraphic lines – it’s all real, except human fingers! Can use ready-made fonts, or, as we have said, the robot will easily copy your handwriting and will write the letter by hand. Well, or write a greeting card handwriting of the President, Pushkin, or Jason Statham.

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