Boeing has patented a plasma force field

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2015_CPvXDKcJUQz7cRemember how in the first episode of «Star wars» Gungan defended against a massive attack of clones significant force field? So, soon this field will become commonplace not only stars, but also in the earthly wars. Known for its planes, Boeing has patented a plasma force field to protect buildings and equipment. The aviation giant patent is entitled «Method and system for shock wave attenuation using electromagnetic arc». Oddly enough, the technology of its current form will not be able to fully protect is not something that from the laser blasters, but even from projectiles or shrapnel. But can significantly reduce losses from the blast.

Described in the document system can be installed on moving objects like military SUVs, tanks, ships and aircraft, and static like houses, sheds or bunkers and the like. Using the sensor outside she records the fact of the explosion and ionizes the air from the threats, at the moment of impact creating a plasma shield with laser, electricity and microwaves.

This «safety cushion» in the literal sense you can feel. It differs from the environment temperature, density and composition and therefore able to reflect a shock wave or at least to reduce its density, thus protecting the equipment.

However, the system has another drawback. As the system heats and ionizes the air, it cannot create protection for a long time, so it is conceived rather as an airbag is triggered at the right time.

However, this development is a plus; it’s a perfectly visible enemy positions. Prior to this, scientists had planned to keep the plasma through electromagnetic fields, but through the barrier is virtually nothing to be seen.

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