Boeing 747

Boeing holds the leading position in the list of the largest and most comfortable aircraft in the world. Imagine for a moment: it is the length of 70.7 meters, height of 19.4 meters (such as the nine on the next street), and a wing span of 64.4 meters. The empty weight of the aircraft 180,8 tons, and this machine is able to lift into the air 412,8 tons, fly 14 200 km at a speed of 1150 km/h and fuel consumption is 17 l/km 747 has 6 million parts, imported from 33 different countries. This aircraft is certified to operate on 3 engines: this means that if during the run one fails, the plane will be taking off and will reach their destination on 3 engines. During the operation of the Boeing 747 has undergone many modifications. The designation 747-8 and is currently the longest passenger aircraft in the world.


The Boeing 747 is equipped with the most modern equipment from world aircraft and we think that is a human invention could not remain without attention of our magazine.


The history of the airplane originated in 1965, when Joe Sutter, the engineer who was working at the time on a Boeing 737, was appointed chief designer of the Boeing 747. Experts of the time argued that a huge aircraft very soon supersonic counterparts, so the 747 was originally conceived as a passenger plane, despite the fact that » the Boeing 707 that prevailed at the time in the airline industry of the United States, already struggling to cope with the growing flow of passengers.


In 1966, Boeing completed the design and submitted the configuration of the new aircraft, designated 747. The initial project was a fully double-decked plane, but with this configuration there were some difficulties, and the scheme was abandoned in favor of «hunchback» option. The first customer was the airline Pan Am, which ordered 25 aircraft Boeing 747-100. They have insisted that the aircraft design have been made key changes: increased wing span, changed the placement of landing gear, maximum takeoff weight increased from 272155 kg to 308443 kg.


But this monumental winged spawned a number of related problems. First, the company was on the verge of ruin, owing to the huge funds spent on the creation of the aircraft. During this period, Boeing debt to investors was about $ 2 billion. Later, the Boeing President William Allen (William Allen) said: «For us it was a very ambitious project.»

Second, the airports did not have runways long enough to put the Boeing. Therefore, especially for the Boeing 747 Pratt & Whitney company has developed a huge turbofan engine with high bypass ratio – JT9D. In order to increase the security level and the performance of the aircraft on the 747 was installed 4 backup hydraulic system and slotted flaps, which allowed to use the plane on runways relatively small length. 30 September 1968 the Boeing 747 was rolled out of the hangar for submissions from the public. 9 February 1969 he made his first test flight and the first flight «new York- London», Boeing 747-100 Pan Am airlines took place on 22 January 1970. On Board was 340 passengers.

The Boeing 747 has received worldwide recognition and success. In the segment of wide-body aircraft airliner held a monopoly for many years. And, of course, has paid off. At the moment, launched production of the new aircraft, its designation is the A380, now it is the largest passenger liner, and, perhaps, replace a Boeing 474. But while the 747 used by all the major airlines of the world, despite the considerable cost of $ 260 million.

A few interesting facts from the history of the Boeing 747



For all history of existence of this plane carried more than 3.5 billion people, representing almost half the world’s population.



May 24, 1991, was set a world record: «the Boeing 747 Cargo» airline «El Al», designed for 400 seats, one flight carried more than 1,087 persons. This flight was carried out in the framework of «operation Solomon» – the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews to Israel. When the plane arrived in tel Aviv, the aircraft commander Arieh Oz said simply: «We made history».


To paint a 747 needs 340,69 liters of paint.



Upper and lower deck connects the staircase. Perhaps not the most striking fact, but still… the stairs… in the plane.



All Boeing have modified around 15 1500 747 aircraft for special purposes. For example, 4 of the liner called «doomsday plane». They are equipped with communications equipment and control and is the air command posts in the event of a nuclear war and the destruction of ground control structures.



The wingspan of a modern 747 is greater than the entire square footage of the first flight of the Wright brothers (inventors of the first aircraft in the world).



Wheels pumped with nitrogen, as the rubber can highlight different hydrocarbons inside the bus. Especially if it is heated very hot brakes. To this mixture did not slavophones (14 atmospheres of the gas mixture inside the undercarriage), and the desired inert gas fills the volume of the tyre. Nitrogen is also the most accessible of them: 78% in air.

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