Bobby Fischer: chess player, hermit, outlaw

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_YySIuRPdgAEchComputer – only opponent, not finding excuses when he loses me.

Bobby FischerThere are people whom we admire, even knowing their entire history and breadth of understanding the negative side. One of these guys is the legendary Robert James Fischer, better known as Bobby Fischer, the first American chess player who has earned the title of world chess champion.

It seems, and we do a lot of cool players, so why are we caught Fisher? Now describe.

He was born in Chicago in 1943 and raised in Brooklyn. His parents were originally from Russia, although not of Russian origin. Sat down at the chess this guy in 6 years, and 15 have earned the title of international grandmaster.

The turning point in the career of the chess player was 1972 when Fischer had a legendary battle with our world champion Boris Spassky. The battle took place in the capital of Iceland in Reykjavik. Fisher triumphantly won the victory. And it seems like he can’t enjoy something? 29 years old, and already world champion in chess, and even the first in the country. The welfare and honour of the citizens is provided, but not all so rosy as we would like. Although he became the 11th world champion, and according to the magazine «Chess Informant», and is generally considered the strongest chess player of the twentieth century, but he was a strange man.

I’ll do that in chess is treated with no less respect than Boxing. No matter how much he asked Mohammed Ali for his next show, I will require more.

Bobby Fischer

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_k40vJlH180R9hHis strangeness was apparent in many things. From childhood he loved to row. The famous episode when, as a teenager, he spoke of it as follows:

In school, there is nothing to learn. Teachers are fools. You can not have teachers for working women. At my school only the teacher was no fool – he knew how to play chess.

Bobby FischerGenius is forgiven much, then, they are geniuses. Although such statements most likely would be cause for expulsion from the Federation of chess players in our time.

In 15 years, Fisher and even quit school to devote himself to his beloved game. Pretty bold move for a teenager who had no idea what it can expect in the future, that prepares for life. Then he immediately determined that, except for mental gymnastics, it is necessary to train more and body. In the end, swimming, tennis, skiing and skating became as common as a chess Board. Before each event he put himself in excellent physical shape.

Fisher is living proof that only perseverance and the will to win, and the grueling training that can deliver you right to the cherished goal. Because first of all he often lost to their rivals, as, for example, in 1959 at the international tournament in Yugoslavia. Victory went to Michael Talu with the score 4:0.

I feel great, seeing his opponent writhing in its death agony.

Bobby Fischeris often treated like a child, smart, in any sense brilliant, but still a child. Fisher all these lesions were challenged, he trained and eventually began to smash their opponents in such a way that it hung the nickname «the cold-blooded killer.» The point was that he did not give mercy to anyone, thereby in some sense humiliating the opponent. Usually the community of players has some unwritten rules of decency, Fisher they had for him was important a complete and crushing victory. For example, in 1971 he participated in the candidates matches against Taimanov and Larsen, eventually amounted to a crushing 12:0.

Fisher in the relatively young years was able to overcome inexperience, lack of knowledge and achieve the highest title in one of the most challenging games in the world. His match with Spassky is considered to be one of the most spectacular fights in the history of chess.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_2uDPo4xuaNdr2If someone was a world champion for many years, it does not mean that he is a great player, as well as you can’t name a big winner just because he’s long rule.

Bobby FischerThough perhaps Fischer would not be as iconic figure in the world of chess, if not for the scandals that have everywhere accompanied.

Many believed then that he was a real maniac, a psychopath, or at least individual, just unbalanced. Before each tournament had its own requirements, unfamiliar to other participants. Wish it wasn’t astronomical, all from the comfort (only luxury rooms) and the time of the tournament (he played only in the evenings). But the organizers of chess events are not used to such treatment. Once, in 1967, in a tournament Fisher and is called the chief justice a Communist for the fact that his rider was not completed. You have to understand that during the cold war, the word «Communist» was the worst curse for a good half of the world, as, indeed, we had a curse word «capitalist».

Especially interesting is the behavior of Bobby after the game 1972 – his main game. He just disappeared, disappeared for two decades, absolutely not wanting to have contact with the public, players and press. He even did not defend his title in 1975. Then, as you know, the title passed into the hands of Karpov, without a fight.

Since then, Fisher has always lived alone. To 90 years, lived in Pasadena, California. He was listed among the followers of the sect «world Church of the Creator». Bobby was a very religious man. And quite possibly, he found some kind of mysticism in itself a chess Board. Journalists he hated, to the rest of the unfamiliar people were treated explicitly with hostility.

manygoodtips.com_22.07.2015_ybkV6WsX7VgStFisher painfully honest. If he believes that the principle involved is that for him money does not play any role. As the opinions of others.

Ed Edmonsonwas another game in his career, which he again spent with Boris Spassky. It took place in 1992, exactly 20 years ago. It was kind of a rematch. The prize Fund for the rematch was $ 5 million. The game itself was, in fact, outside of American law, but Fischer didn’t care. He broke the boycott between the USA and Yugoslavia, taking part in it. Bobby beat Spassky again and received their 3.5 million. However, the rest of his life he spent in these races from the US government. In his native land he never came back: he was threatened with a huge fine and 10 years in prison for breaking the law.

In 2004, Fischer was arrested at Tokyo airport for trying to leave Japan without a passport. Fisher at that time was clearly not in his right mind. But maybe he was just mocking the press. But his arrest Bobby explained the conspiracy, which was organized by the US President George Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. In addition, the player added eternal «blame the Jews». The latter suggests that he is still bullied because he had relatives a lot of representatives of this nationality. The US government demanded to give them his «criminal», but decided the other way. Many of the world’s grandmasters defended the famous crazy chess. In Japan, Bobby was under arrest until may 2005, while he was unable to enlist the support of the Icelandic government, having received citizenship in Iceland. His last years Fisher spent in their new homeland. Died this eccentric man in the winter of 2008.

Despite all its oddities, it can definitely be called a kind of benchmark for many players in the world, and just for ordinary people. Features: speak the truth in the face, do not be afraid of the consequences, not afraid to break social norms and do what only the heart to feel. It’s very impressive, especially in a world full of rules that put the chains on free, but unpleasant to many opinions.

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