Bob Marley — he who created reggae

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2014_W7QRe5hDL2XVnThe history of pop culture does not know of cases when people in life have received such glory. It is not about the number of fans, but the quality of the relationship to the idol. For most of those who listened to his songs back in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, Bob was neither a favourite musician nor even an ideological leader, he was literally the Messiah.

Robert Nesta Marley was born February 6, 1945 in the village of nine miles to the North of Jamaica. His father was a white officer of the Royal Navy Norval Marley, the birth of a son was already 55 years old, mother of eighteen-year-old Jamaican girl Cedella Booker. In all his life Bob has seen the father twice, he was constantly on service at sea. And in 1955, when the boy was 10, Norval died.

In the early sixties, the mother and son moved to the capital of Jamaica — Kingston, where they settled in a poor area called the Trench. There he met Neville Livingston, nicknamed Bunny, Peter McIntosh, later known as Peter Tosh, with whom Marley started to take the first steps in the musical field. New musicians managed to enlist the support of Joe Higgs, a famous Jamaican singer who first helped the boys to put the vocals, and later held auditions at the local entrepreneurshi Leslie Kong. The result of this meeting were released in 1963, the single «Judge Not» (joint work Marley and Higgs) and the creation of the band «the Wailing Wailers» («Wailing mourners»). first single, «Simmer Down» (1964) led the hit parade of Jamaica and has sold more than 80 thousand copies. In the mid-60s in Kingston Rasta movement has experienced an incredible rise, and Bob Marley became a prophet of a new religion. Thus was born reggae. However, until the early ‘ 70s Wailers, despite the huge popularity in Jamaica was not known outside the island. In 1972, after lengthy attempts to spread its influence beyond a single state, «The Wailers» finally got a contract with a popular firm Island Records and released the album «Catch A Fire», the success of which surpassed all expectations as musicians, and representatives of the record company.

In 1973, the group was invited to perform the opening act for Sly & The Family Stone. However, The Wailers were soon expelled from the tour because the audience took them warmer than the headliners. Thus began the triumphant ascent of Bob Marley to the top of musical Olympus in all possible hitparade Europe and America the group has taken a leading position in Jamaica for Marley’s entrenched status as a national hero. 1976 in Kingston’s ghetto was a real war. Marley, whose authority at home was unquestionable, decided from the stage to urge howling for peace. Upcoming performances at the singer’s house burst several armed men and opened fire. He and members of his group were injured, but the concert did take place, although it was reduced. 4 the following year Marley spent in travel. But in 1980, the health of the singer has sharply worsened — he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the toe. Despite the serious threat to the life, from the operation, Marley refused, partly for religious reasons. The disease progressed very quickly. In early 1981, conscious dying, the singer asked me to drive myself home, but to get to Jamaica and did not have time.

Bob Marley died in a Miami hospital may 11 1981. He was 36 years old. In the day of his funeral was declared a day of national mourning, and, according to eyewitnesses, many inhabitants of the island took care of the singer as a personal loss.

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