Board like Marty McFly over what to be for Halloween? Maybe you’re a fan of the movie Back to the future? Then you will definitely like the idea to try on the image of Marty McFly. And we, as always, will help with the implementation.

1. You need

  • Mats of foam;
  • The hot glue;
  • Glossy paper;
  • Spray and regular paint;
  • Knife, ruler, marker, Velcro, printer.

2. Start

Print out the template (of course, if you have large format printer) and it cut out two mats, pink and yellow flowers. Now glue them together. See, it’s not so difficult, when the hands grow from the right place.

3. Gather the bottom part

Nothing new: * the contours and cut again. Don’t forget to glue all this to the bottom of the soundboard.

4. Works

Grab some paint and remember the lessons. To seal the cover everything with white glue (enough for 3-4 layers), then the paint will be much easier to go.

5. Main picture

Print, can do it in two passes. Better potratila on glossy paper, then you will be happy with the result. Fastening paper to the Board with hot glue.

6. Wheel

Can buy in sewing or order in the Internet multicolor Velcro, combining that you can get a great wheel.

7. Rejoice

If you have some material and imagination, can attach the mount for the legs. But in General, everything is ready.

You do realize that this thing will not work to ride? But it was a great accessory for Halloween parties.

Maybe you and your friends decided to realize the immortal characters from Back to the future. It would not be bad. At least you will be original.

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