BMW is a company full of ideas

Well, how are you? If you are reading this article, you probably were able to survive the Monday. You had a hard time as we do. But now you can relax, because in front of this bright prospect: to go to work the next 3 days. Only three days, and then you will find. But we’re not here to talk about you and your entertainment. Today think of the brand, which is a dream of many men.

We will focus on the BMW. The car is a dream dreamed by millions. We’ve told you about these great car brands as Jaguar and Chevrolet, so what prevents us to know a little more about the legendary BMW?

Story three-letter brand began in 1896 in the town of Eisenach. Or rather, not yet a BMW: at the time it was a factory producing vehicles for the army and, oddly enough, bicycles. It was founded by Heinrich Erhard, whom you owe for the creation of high-performance automobiles. Probably, Henry and continued to develop the soldiers ‘ cars, if time has not noticed that luck smiles to those who have plunged into the business sidecars.

In the short time it was decided to create something cars, non-military and, of course, different from what is already done by competitors. But to save time and money and Erhardt had purchased a license from the French. The Paris car had the name of Dueville. So came that now you call BMW. But it is now, but before — is much simpler: «motorized carriage Wartburg». few years after the creation of the brand, in September 1898, the Wartburg on their own arrived at an automobile exhibition in düsseldorf and took its place on a par with Daimler, Benz, Opel and Durcupan. This, as you know, progress is not stopped and a year later the motorized carriage of Erhardt has won major road races of the time. Golden double helped the Wartburg in his career winning twenty-two medals, including one for elegant design.

As in all real stories, the happiness of this company did not last long, and in 1903 the production, when I first visited here stopped. It is caused by the excessive debt and recession. Arched finally collects all those who actively participated in the creation of incredible machines, and says a sad speech, after which should follow a complete cessation of the development history of BMW.

However, as always, came unexpectedly — from one of the shareholders of Erhardt. Speculator Jacob Shapiro really did not want to part with so beloved by him a motorized wheelchair. Shapiro at that time had enough control over the English factory in Birmingham produced the Austin Seven. It’s a miracle the British car industry enjoyed great popularity in London and the surrounding area. And Shapiro, without thinking twice, having to calculate all possible profits, buys the English license for Austin.

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2014_zsg2HfQ8SNURuNow that began to roll off the production line in Eisenach, was appointed Dixi. From 1904 to 1929 restored factory Erhardt produced and sold 15 822 Dixi. Meanwhile, there is a formation of the future BMW not only in the automotive and aviation factory. In this rapidly developing story breaks Karl Friedrich RAPP, who dreamed of the sky and aviation engines. RAPP founded a small company and started working somewhere on the Northern outskirts of Munich. His goal — to airplanes. He had both the desire and enthusiasm, but as it turned out, it wasn’t enough.

RAPP soon went bankrupt and was forever secured the title of loser, which, of course, contributed to the development of the business. When RAPP began to fall from his hands, to his aid came the Franz-Josef Popp, who actually pulled the company out of debt. The first thing that made Popp, hired a brilliant engineer max Fritz. At this stage of life, the company finally began to play with colors.

21 Jul 1917 in Munich registration chamber is the historical record: «Bavarian aircraft factories RAPP» called henceforth «the Bavarian motor factories» (Bayerische Motoren Werke). BMW has taken place. Moreover, the production of «the Bavarian motor factories» — still aircraft engines. Hooray, finally born a miracle that now, as then, I say with enthusiasm!

Only in 1929, BMW finally determined on their fate: motorcycles, cars, and aircraft engines. Two years since the company manufactures its own Dixi. This model, driven by Popp to meet the German taste. In the same year, BMW Dixi wins the International Alpine race.

manygoodtips.com_20.10.2014_PsPoSsfH1XZszAt this stage, the development of the BMW was already impossible to stop. Progress growing up with a relentless speed, and soon the company left almost all the competitors behind. Even now, BMW never ceases to surprise with new vehicles which join the ranks of their series. Guys are also not far behind in public relations and advertising mastery: over the years they have learned with sarcasm to beat the mess with their competitors. I hope that a little bit can satisfy your curiosity and have a desire in you to seek to acquire automobile cult brand.

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